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RJAYS Customer Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by JAAS, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. I don’t often experience good customer service and when I do I don’t often feel compelled to share my experience, but today the customer service of RJAYS has quite simply blown me away.

    Long story short, my gf’s scooter was towed to our local mechanic and during this process they smashed the rear reflective plate of her RJAYS Topbox.

    I called RJAYS to see if we could source the broken red plastic part. Yes they could and they delivered it for free, how much did they ask for the part I hear you say? Nothing, because it’s all part of their service I’m told when it comes to spare parts they still have access to.

    What a great level of customer service. Quite simply I am amazed, got this warm Christmas feeling now. :angel:
  2. Gotta say that is pretty good.

    I'm thinking I must have done something wrong in a previous life as bad service seems to be following me at the moment but its good to hear there are some honest mobs around.
  3. Definitely a feel good story and one that counts to both the customer and the business.
  4. that's a good one. there are a few companies out there that stand out from the crowd in terms of customer service. It's sad that we have to applaud those guys for something that should really be normal service
  5. Thanks for sharing JAAS, it's nice to know who the good guys are!

  6. Good on ya Jaas. It's good to take the effort to give a compliment when most people find it easy to just complain.
  7. R Jays replaced my helmet with the next model up in three days when the catch on the flip-front broke. Great service, I expected them to take it and repair it.
  8. It s good to read of your experience. It certainly makes you feel a valued customer doesn't it? Well done R Jays. I personally choose a R Jays helmet as I found these firm yet comfortable.
  9. It's cheaper to replace junk than it is to repair it and squabble over the relevant details.

    That said, MCAS does not seem to have an "RJAYS warranty". My 2 piece leather suit literally fell apart at the seems. Bad GLUE and 'stitching' if you could call it that. Their suits are dangerous, hodge-podge put together crap that screams "cheap chinese spare leather bits rubbish".