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RJays CFK1 - carbon fibre helmet suggestion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AznCruiser, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hi NR,

    Ive been looking at buying a new helmet for my noggin thats lighter and thinner than my current ones. Ive looked at various stores and found many different types, all looked great, are light, but most are beyond my price range.......................apart from one, the RJays CFK1.

    Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket has it listed at $349.95 without graphics. Ive also been told that its 1350g which is in the ballpark for CF helmets.

    Ive never had Rjays before and never experienced CF helmets before, is there anything that I should watch out for or be aware of before handing over my hard earned? Is there other CF helmets that is in that same price range?

    I want to buy something today so any suggestions would be appreciated :)

    FEATURES: * Constructed from state of the art carbon fibre technology - stronger & lighter
    * 5 point multi-position ratchet visor system
    * Aerodynamic shape and Aerotech Technology that reduces noise and turbulence
    * 3 air vents & 2 rear air exhaust vents
    * Removable and washable interior lining
    * Tool-less visor removal
    * Pod-less anti-scratch clear visor
    * Optional dark tint, light tint, coated silver & clear visors available
  2. Someone on here (I think) or another forum bought one, and then replaced it within a couple of days/weeks for a shark helmet. He didn't like the build quality, and seemed to think it was pretty badly put together.
    do a google search and you'll find it
  3. That was me. Posted here and on ASB.

    I kept the RJays lid for about 1.5mo before it's insane wind noise got the better of me. ](*,) I may have bought a size too large which might have contributed to some of the horrific low freq reverb at freeway speeds. But noise was significantly worse at 50kph + than it is on the Shark I replaced it with.

    The quality of the lid is pretty ordinary in my opinion. All the removable stuff is held in place by wedging it between things. just feels poorly built. Especially considering you can get a shark for not much more!

    Oh! The vents on the top don't properly close ever, either. They always get held open a little.
  4. Thanks Paul, I found the threat your talking about in aussiestreetbikes. His vision comment is a concern.

    Hey Duane I think I replied too soon, that was a great review mate. With the vision for the RJay did you find the opening too small from side-side or to-bottom? my issue with my current helmet is the top to bottom opening and the bulk of the helmet. Its difficult for me to be on a sporty position and see because the top opening isnt large enough, plus its pretty bulky.
  5. I didn't have any vision problems with the RJays. The Shark has better visibility, yes. But vision wasn't a factor in my ditching the RJays.
  6. I have an Rjays Tourtech and it looks like the same visor mounting system.

    I had the visor come right off when I high-sided at about 40k's. So you're right, the mounting is not tip-top quality stuff. Someone found it back down the road and handed it to me.
  7. Shark RSi Carbon aren't full carbon Fiber (Carbon Aramid), but they're only 1400g's.

    I've had my RSi for over 12 months now. The only thing that I'd like that it doesn't have is dedicated ear cutouts so I could fit an intercom, otherwise, it's been great.

    If you shop around you can get them for $400ish
  8. BTW: Thanks for that review you did. I came across that helmet the other day, and got very curious about it; a quick google search brought up your review, which was enough to put me off it. Thanks!
  9. You can pick up a shark rsr2 carbon from bikebiz for like $499, which is really not that much more then the Rjays one. I tried one on when i was buying my gear, it was very good, but i ended up going for the shoei XR1100 because it had ear cut outs and that made a huge difference in comfort for me.
  10. At that price id go with another brand that many netrider guys seem to love and trust ;)..........looks better too.
  11. I know of a guy selling these RJAYS in a store - bought a RHOK one instead for personal use due tohis perception of the build quality etc of the RJAYS
  12. I really, really want to try on one of yours Takamii, but it is a bugger to find them locally. Do you now if there is any at tyresforbikes?
    I'm dead keen on a carbon fibre helmet, but worried about fit, and getting spares
  13. Ahhh well even with the bad reviews i bought one anyway....................im a stubborn MOFO lol. im not really too fussed about noise anyway and usually ride around without ear plugs.

    It is quiet a bit thinner front on than my cheapo Aldi helmet (last pic) and you can definitely feel the weight difference between a normal non CF helmet and this.

    The vents arent as user friendly, the visor system is notchier, and the padding around the ears are non existant even compared to my cheapo Aldi helmet. I can tell already that its going to be far noisier...................for some odd reason took out all the padding from the ear area and even put holes in it (third pic).

    I did take DuaneDibbley's comment about size..........and got two sizes down than what i normally have.

  14. Tyres 4 bikes in Brisbane has all sizes and colours to try on
  15. Gee, I don't mind the helmet. I got it a couple of months ago, yes it is notchy, and but when the visor is all the way down the noise reduces significantly. Admittedly it is the first motorcyle helmet I have owned, so don't know any better. It does the job.

    ps. Just don't let a 2.5 year old hold it when standing on concrete. The little bugger dropped it 20cm and put a tiny chip in the clear coat (nothing to affect it structurally).
  16. I bought an RJays SP2 last year when I first got into motorcycling. Over the year the padding has gone quite soft resulting in a loose helmet. My head is border between L and M size, bummer that is. Went back to my shop as they kitted and fitted me out and they looked after me with huge discount on a medium. So many choices between HJC with an internal sun visor reduced to 349 for me, an Arai reduced to 500 for me, a KBC to 249; in the end I chose an RJays in medium CFK1 for 290, Was pleased, would loved to have been able to stretch for the Arai Vector or even the HBC with visor but budgets only stretch so far.....seems like a good one...
  17. Got a bit cold riding up the mountain late yesterday night, I counted five cars in my 80 kilometer journey up and down Putty Road and no other bikers around............found the helmet weight a huge plus, the noise a non factor, but the freezing air through the chin guard very cold.......................the chin guard doesnt fully seal the neck (I dont know if any helmets fully seal the neck). Ive now invested in an Oxford Chillout balaclava for those cold and wet night rides.

    Im not happy with the RJay anti fog insert though, it just made it harder to see through at night, the RJay antifog is nowhere near as good as the ProGrip antifog.