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RJays CFK-1 Carbon Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Howdy guys.

    first review so be kind 8-[

    yesterday i went out to MCAS . (www.mcas.com.au) at Aurban to purchase a new helmet.

    i ride cruiser style bikes and witnessed a pretty bad accident last week witch made me rethink my helmet choice.. after searching around for a while i came across the Rays CFK-1 Carbon Helmet .. see attachment.

    here are some specs on the helmet .

    FEATURES: * Constructed from state of the art carbon fibre technology - stronger & lighter * 5 point multi-position ratchet visor system * Aerodynamic shape and Aerotech Technology that reduces noise and turbulence * 3 air vents & 2 rear air exhaust vents * Removable and washable interior lining * Tool-less visor removal * Pod-less anti-scratch clear visor * Optional dark tint, light tint, coated silver & clear visors available, Bluetooth Capability.

    this was my first Full Face helmet and i must say after a 3hr ride yesterday i was pretty surprised on how it feels. So light and wind noise is very little.
    the padding is so comfy inside it just hugs the shape of your head. it did get a little hot in the helmet tho with vents open. but it was 28degs at the time.

    seeing it is my first Full face helmet i cant really compare it to another full face but for the price of $325 bucks you cant really complain about it..

    thanks for reading 8-[

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  2. What do they mean by bluetooth capability
  3. i was just going to go for a matte black helmet in the RJays for around the 200 price range.. but i seen this one and felt so much better around my face alot lighter and looks pretty awesome lol.. plus the 200 helmets where plastic .
  4. That it's not made of tin foil which blocks signals?

    Most likely that there is room near the ears for those little speaker pad things.
  5. Ive got the same helmet, a bit loud actually compared to other helmets, some would complain about the noise but being a former cruiser rider with aftermarket exhaust...................i think ive already been deafened so the noise really doesnt worry me.

    As for the bluetooth thing, there seems to be a pretty large space in the ear area, perfect for bluetooth speakers..................i think this is what they meant, not that it comes with bluetooth as standard.
  6. yeh sorry about that .. looks like there is a good space for speakers to sit nice and neat... i did notice i cant hear my 128dp exhaust as much . thats why i said "helmet noise was good".

    still pretty happy with my purchase
  7. okay thanks for the clarification