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Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Jerryx4, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Yes it is a cheapy & only to bridge a gap for me but still... it really sucks & shouldn't be as bad as it is even for the low price.
    Only good thing I can say about it is the tinted visor I got for it is perfect.
    Beginning to look for a new Helm today...

    Vid NSFW

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  2. So then, you didn't like it? :peace:
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  3. I have one of these...my first and only so far. Quietest helmet I have ever owned...
  4. Also noisiest...
  5. Hey...just worked out a way to get my message count up!
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  6. Dude, I love the style of your review!

    Gold Jerry, gold!
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  7. lol my people I love you also.
    I tried on a shoei XR1100 the other day & holy fk its nice...but really...$600...
    Anyone know where to get one 'off the back of a truck" type arrangement?
    I'm heading to PS tomorrow morn for their sale in the hope of something cheap & reasonable. I looked at the AGV's & my god they are plasticy so now they are out.
    PS this was the first time I did voice recording + vid aka a VLOG... was quite a new experience. My helmet may be better with a chinguard/windjammer but other than stealing one it seems impossible to buy them.
  8. Potty mouth.