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Rjays and DriRider Gear

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Hicksey11, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi Peoples.

    I have some Riding gear for sale. I have used thi gear under 5 times. My reason for selling is that I lost 30kg and now it doesn't fit.

    1x Rjays Voyager2 jacket in XL $120
    1x DriRider Nordic Pro Pants in 2XL $140
    1x Teknic Violator leather jacket (Red/White) size 46 Mens $650 (rrp $800). Brought new 3 weeks ago and used about 3 times. I have to sell this so I can get the right size. My stuff up haha.. Its a bloody good lookn jacket
    1x pair of Rjays summer riding gloves size XL. Practically Brand New. Worn once. Have knuckle protection. rrp $70. Will sell for $40

    Both of these items are in brand new condition. Both have thermal liners and are water proof. If you take both I can do you a deal.

    Cheers and safe riding...

  2. wow 30 kilos, top effort bloke
  3. I'm struggling to keep the 2kgs I've lost off!... 30KGS!!
  4. I wanna lose 30 kilos!!! How'd ya do it? :D
  5. Yes how.
    I was considering lipo so I can refit into my other draggins and maybe buy a 2pc leather suit.
    Most that fit around my gut have longer legs and arms than me.
  6. Well I could tell you how but then who would buy my gear? Hahaha....

    I think I can put it down to Puberty (I'm 18 btw) and taking up soccer and excercising more. I just go for a run every day for 10-20 mins and do a few weights when I come home from the run. And eating a lot less than I used to. Just try and eat 3 meals a day. Dont starve yourself though. If you feel hungry just eat something. Thats what I do.

    Hope that helps.

    Now someone buy my gear or off with your heads! :p
  7. Sorry dude-man, you can bite off my head. I'ma losing weight :p
  8. off topic i know ..

    but I lost 90 kilo's once ...

    Divorced my ex :)
  9. Hey, 30kilos would mean a few more horsepower!
  10. LOL=D>
  11. Put the fork down.

    I lost 35kg using this method
  12. Hi - I could well be interested in the pants. What waist size would that relate to? I just bought a DriRider Summit Pro jacket and it is the dog's bollocks :D
  13. Hey Cheeba.

    It is a 2xl so that means that its 96cm waist size.

    Hope that helps.


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Not open for further replies.