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RJays Altitude Boots? (Vs Sidi Vertigo/A* GPS3)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I was originally looking at Sidi Vertigo boots, but they are pretty expensive (~$400).
    I saw RJays Altitude boots that look like they could be a goer and are more reasonably priced (~$250). They are Aussie which is good :grin:
    Does any one have any experience with the RJays? I searched and saw some people said they bought them, but had not had them long enough to really judge them.

    Basically I am after something with really good protection, including ankle protection and solid protection rather than just leather. But I'll be buying black ones coz I don't like ones that look too blingy. Preferably I would like them to be comfy to walk in!!! :grin:

    I have tried on the Sidis and they are pretty comfortable compared to others, but I hve to go try on the RJays now. I still felt a bit like a storm trooper though :LOL:

    Waddaya reckon?
  2. I haven't owned either of these but I will take a gamble and say the Sidi's are a better built boot and will last longer than the Rjays which I doubt are made in Oz.. more than likely China.. whereas the Sidi's are I believe, Italian..

    The Rjays look okay though.. but for $299 you can get some Alpinestar boots which would be a better compromise..
  3. I mean they're an Aussie company :) (from memory?)

    I agree the Sidi's would be a level up. I guess I'm just tryin to find the best compromise. So good idea to look into the A* ones again - cheers :grin: These ones are the ~$300 ones

    Has someone worn the RJays to comment on comfort, flexibility, wear, etc etc? Or know how they compare to the A* or SIDI?
  4. I've got the Altitudes.
    I'd say they're good starter or beginner's boots till you find out things you don't like about them, or realise what another boot can do for you.

    I don't think they're supportive in the ankle enough, that they're a bit too loose. I could imagine snapping my ankle in a spill. I'd like some means of making the boot firm around my ankle. They've got a zip running up them with a velcro leather cover flap.

    The Sidis would be better by far although I've not tried them on.....I only know about Sidi gear from my cycling days.

    I really think you'd be wise to take your time & see about trying the boots on for fit. You can weigh up the odds.

    If I had known what sort of biking I'm doing now then I'd have bought the Sidis. I hope to grade up to something of that calibre if I can find some $$$ sometime.

    Re But I'll be buying black ones coz I don't like ones that look too blingy ....He he......I've got the white ones...I don't care if people point & larf....at least I know they've seen me: I don't bounce at my age & I've got health issues / used up 8 lives already.
    My leathers are from www.stormleathers.com.au ...good value.

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  6. Did you get to try them on first? Or just hope they fit?
  7. Okay in the end I tried on a different Astar model which is really a fairer comparison to the Sidi Vertigos anyway. It was the SMXR. rrp $499 Was put onto them by a dude at the Race Replica Kawasaki open day today. They were also willing to do a deal.
    But they didn't have my size in stock so I dropped in to PS in the city. Tried the A* SMXR and the Sidi Vertigos one after the other as a comparison. Totally preferred the Sidis - so that's what I'll get. Fitted heaps better, were way easier for me to walk in and felt less bulky. They were a little more blingy than I like with the white/clear heel protector but whatevers. I said I was just looking and comparing prices at the moment.

    The thing is the guy at PS said he could only do a 'deal' on the colours he had in stock but could not commit to a price on my choice of colour. He said I would have to order them in, and then once they are in we could talk price. :? I said politely that I am not going to order them in until I knew what the price would be, in that case I'll check out some other prices before I commit to ordering them. Then he said 'Peter Stephens are the only stores that stock Sidi boots Australia wide' :shock:
    Right there - that was the moment that he lost the sale. Bam.

    I rattled off a list of shops that I have seen them at. He just picked up the boxes, said 'okay' and just took off. Didn't see him again. :LOL: wtf?

    So anyway, I will buy them from the lovely people that recommended them at Brighton Kawasaki, Nepean Hwy shops.

    Thanks for your help people :grin: