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Rjays all season jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by buzzawak, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Was looking at buying a Rjays all season jacket ($299) from the local shop.
    Anyone own one, I would like to hear would you think of them?

  2. They are awesome -granted I haven't needed the rain or winter lining yet. It feels like wearing a t-shirt, I got mine on discount at Image motorcycles Wyoming, Central Coast. They have 20% big boy sizes for their shelf stock, they might have a 3 or 4XL left.

    I don't know how they will hold up in a crash/slide but I'm sure it's better than nothing. (please no-one start the debate on mesh jackets)
  3. I bought one as my first jacket when I started riding in Jan 2008. Wore it all through winter last year and in all types of weather, i.e. rain and cold, and would highly recommend it. Out of all my supposedly waterproof gear (which includes boots, pants, gloves, etc) it is the only piece of gear that works in heavy rain. The jacket is also very warm with all lining installed so "All Seasons" is a good name IMO.

    I've only switched to a leather jacket in the last few months, which admittedly I prefer for good riding weather, but the All Season's jacket will definitely get a lot of use over winter. And it's not bad on those really hot days either.
  4. Thanks guys for the info,

    I ended up buying one and very happy with the fit and its not to much of a hassle pulling out the warm lining when the day warms up. Havent had a chance to test out the rain proof lining yet. every time I suit up in the full rain gear it stops raining. Maybe its a magic jacket!
  5. I purchased one and (despit being my first and only jacket) I find its great! I fold up the waterproof liner under my seat so I'll be dry in anytime. Have not needed the thermal layer yet (but I have ridden with a hoodie under it) but just from the look of it I would say it would be VERY warm.
  6. Looking at upgrading my old Rjays jacket this winter. Thanks, will look into the all-seasons.
  7. Rain test

    OK, Its pissing down here in Newcastle. Rode home from work in it and the jacket performed well with the water proof lining in. Only problem is that any thing in the outside four pockets gets very wet.
  8. Re: Rain test

    I have an old all-seasions jacket and love it.
    I just keep a glad zip lock back with me ( i take a backpack everywhere) for my phone, wallet, keys etc.
    Best waterproof solution imo