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Rjays 39L top box fitted on the pillion seat

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Superunknown, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been putting off this job for a while, but I finally put a top box on my bike. Instead of using a rack, I’ve bolted it onto a spare pillion seat. This way I can switch back to the normal pillion seat and there is no hint that I ever had that ugly top box on there. Pics are below, it looks fairly neat and I like the idea of keeping the extra weight where the bike was designed to take it. My only concern is the longevity of the pillion seat; it seems to flex a fair bit out on the road in the wind. But I haven’t tested it with any weight in it yet, I reckon a little weight might make it sit better.

    I’ve fitted the Rjays 39L top box. For the money it’s alright, fairly rough, but perfect for my use. I would be quite disappointed if I had to keep using the detachment mechanism for separating the box from the mounting plate. It is an absolute pig to get apart. But being 39L it can fit a massive amount of stuff. My leather jacket, helmet and gloves can be crammed in with a minimum of fuss.

    What do ya think? Any suggestions about how to reinforce the pillion seat?



  2. Good stuff, that's exactly what i contemplated doing with my bike. Love it!
  3. Best of both worlds ,when you can just swap seats over .

    Good job :grin:
  4. Hmm, am I the only one wondering whether you could rig up a quick release for the pillion seat - and fill the box with something heavy for use with tailgating cars :twisted: .
    Though on second thoughts a second hand crash test dummy dressed to look like a pillion passenger might be more fun.
  5. Would use a piece of metal, between seat base and washers, to put all four bolts through.

    Finished product looks great :cool:
  6. great job, well executed.

    i hate the look of racks on bikes i think it ruines them.

    if you really wanted to try and stop the flex u could just add a square pannel of steel or aluminium attached under the pillion seat

    looks great, just get rid of the red band on the top-box. paint it black or something
  7. Good idea on the reinforcing plate. I wasn't thinking of something like that. I was thinking about a cross brace or something. Simple is better. How does one go about cutting a metal plate? Will a hardware shop do it for me, like they do the massive sheets of mdf, or do i need to find a friend with special tools?
  8. When I fitted a box to the pillion seat on my zx6r , I cut a piece of aluminium checkerplate to the size of the mounting plate and fitted it between seat and mounting plate. It stopped the box from flexing on the seat by having more surface area to screw down to instead of the raised edge of mounting plate, if that sounds right.


  9. anyone else who has done this recently?
    i have an Kawasaki ER6nL and cant seem to find any pillions seats on ebay....any tips on where i might find one?
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  10. I'll try ringing them now....thanks Ned...