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Rjay helments

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by clarkie, May 11, 2009.

  1. Never owned one before and just want to know are they a good helment? and peoples outlook on them and what they have heard from friends about them. Can get one for the wife at less then 50 % but not if there just a cheap helment. Thanks

  2. Given that I haven't tested mine in an off, i'll post what i can. I find it is comfortable(I have a stryker), and easy on and off(Well more ear friendly than my Nolan). Air flow through it is good, and it is quieter than my Nolan, with my ScalaRider not installed. Visor swapping is easy, and the Tinted Visor is excellent, and worth buying. The chin strap is comfortable, and fastens on quite well, and I like the fact it clips on back across the strap itself, rather than looping back to clip over the D-rings. Visibility is good, and when on it doesn't feel heavy.

    That being said I have had an issue with the little bit of fabric on the D-ring you pull to help loosen the straps, where it has started to come apart after 4 months, though it's easily replaced, and I do not think it's worth the hassle atm. Also I find that connecting it to the helmet clips on the bike is not as good as the nolan, as its a finicky fit, although that could be down to the way the Hyo helmet clips are sited.

    I'd buy another. If I have a stack I'll let you know how it holds up, but I'd rather not find out.

  3. I have a RJays 'striker' and I too would buy another.

    Some aspects of the quality aren't great. There's a vent on top which threatens to come loose and fall out every time I use it. On the other hand the venting is close to useless imo so I rarely bother using it. Also if you have a look at my helmet there are quite a few things that aren't symmetrical which is poor build quality.

    All in all I find the helmet pretty comfortable and not overly noisy. I rarely notice the bad things about it and assuming it keeps me safe in a crash, I'll consider worthy of it's 180 dollar cost.
  4. Bought my missus the AC-12 and she likes it.......good fit, she remarks on how quiet it is and all the vents seem to work reasonably well.
  5. I have had an RJays GP1 for about 2.5 years.

    There were some cosmetic issues with the helmet initially, but the helmets were replaced until I had a good one. (Missing sticker on the first, fingerprints in paint on the second, cracked vent plastic after about 9 months on the third, the fourth is okay.) I bought mine in the early days of helmets for RJays, so they were keen to fix any issues.

    I find the helmet comfortable, venting good, and overall the build is good quality, except for the little details. On my bike with the upright riding position the helmet is noisier than I like, but ear plugs fix that. I think the RJays are reasonable mid-range helmets.

    Yes, I trust my noggin in it, and would buy another. But I really want a quieter helmet, if I can find one.
  6. I have a GP1 helmet too. It has been OK in terms of fit and comfort. It is very noisy above 100K's though.

    I'm told that they are actually manufactured by KBC, besides my helmet looking a lot like my mate's KBC I don't know how true that is though.

  7. That is correct. It says "Made in China by KBC" on the label inside the helmet. Made to RJays design though.
  8. I bought a striker as a 2nd helmet. Was comfy enough for 5 mins in the shop, but after 10+ mins of riding it starts to hurt me. After 30mins of riding I have to stop, take it off, and let my head rest a bit and stop throbbing.

    Wore it once on the road, 1 time to many.

    Back to my Shoei now.
  9. I still have my old Razor. It was cheap and was a good option for me when I started out a couple years back.

    Since then I've owned another four helmets and with the exception of one open-face which is a size or two too big for me it's much louder than all of them.

    The original was replaced after a very short time because the rear wing/spoiler/stabiliser/whatever fell off (it was only held on with cheap glue)

    It was a bit hot and heavy but held up well in crashes (I know I shouldn't be reusing it but I was racing on a tight budget...) and I never complained about it.

    Dad still wears one and seems happy with it but he always uses earplugs (as did I when I wore a Razor).
  10. Thanks for all replys. Looks like she is getting a r jay. And its a nice pink one so i dont think i will be trying it out. Lol