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Rizoma- pure italian style!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by coffee guru, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Thought i would show off my bday pressies to myself- go me!


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  2. How much did the milk crates cost?? :LOL:

    Seriously, nice looking stuff (y).
  3. Part of the business, i got so many i could build a house out of them!
  4. sorry but ew, don't like.
  5. I don't think pics do Rizoma justice - I'd talked myself out of a set of their indicators, but then I saw them in the real on Resmen's bike and fell in love all over again...
    (With the flashers, not Resmen, although he's not unattractive if you're into that kind of thing... ;))
  6. Very nice bling bling there coffee guru
    Rizoma make nice quality parts. These are the indicators I got Rizoma Avio 21.
    You can also buy local from MCAS or Bikecraft.
    I wanted these Rizoma reverse retro mirrors which cost 100 each + shipping. Ended up buying the copies from rideitmoto for both mirrors 79 delivered
    NiteKreeper go on treat yourself, you know you want to bro :)
  7. I got my stuff from bikecraft, Jo and the boys there are great and fellow Buell owners(at least 2 each!)
  8. I have the Rizoma circuit 743, same mirror, different arms. Heaps better looking than the stock ones, BUT, the view-able area is very limited. Will probably try something different in the future.
  9. NICE. I do like the Rizoma stuff esp their retro mirrors.
  10. Different arms? The viewable area is small and takes some getting used to, but i think it provides all you need.
    You gotta get a pair of the grips, they rock!
  11. I meant the stems are different.

    Yes, they do look very nice. I actually looked into them before, but they are slightly shorter than stock grips, that means there will be a gap either side or I have to relocate the controls. There're pins on the back of the controls, I do not want to drill or cut the handle bar, so the only option is to grind off the pins which I also reluctant to do. Hence I did not upgrade the grips.
  12. I had the 743s on my bike too. I gave it a few months but it is seriously harder to see stuff with them. They look bloody awesome though. I put my stock mirrors back on last saturday for a ride down to PI and I was blown away with how much more I could see. They look like shite but. Think I need to find something halfway between the two. I was looking at these maybe... seem to be more glass. Not cheap though.


    Anyone wanna buy a set of 743s? :)
  13. I'm a big fan of Rizoma stuff. Especially their rearsets. Had a pair on my old CBR 600RR, but cant afford to bling the new bike. :(
  14. that looks awesome cazzo, do want
  15. Yeah I quite like it too. To my surprise, the guys at Metro in Ringwood did ripper prices that made shopping online pointless...You just have to ask.
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