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Rizoma grips, mirrors and bar ends.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Today a small box arrived for me from PJ's Parts in the US, so I spent the afternoon fitting my new grips, mirrors and bar-ends.

    The finish on the Rizoma gear is really nice with consistent colour across the grips and bar ends.

    The left grip has a pair of grub screws so it can be fitted without any glue, I found that I was out of loc-tite so I'll be re doing this tomorrow. The throttle grip presented a small problem when I went to fit it as the front half of the housing had a bulge in it which caused the grip to bind when I released it. The bulge wasn't apparent with the original rubber grip but with the aluminium one it made for an unwelcome ad-hoc cruise control. :shock: A quick hit with the dremel fixed the binding, but has left some scuffing that'll need a touch up later.



    The mirrors have an incredibly solid fit and don't vibrate at all while underway, which is nice after the horrid stock mirrors. The down side is that they are difficult to dial in, they have limited movement in the vertical axis which means that you need to keep adjusting the position on the bar to get them right. Once you have them set correctly visibility is great.

    One oddity that I found is that each of my mirrors has a different magnification, giving one a broader field of view than the other. Naturally I didn't spot this until after I had everything on. I double checked the packaging to see if I'd missed something, but they were identical part numbers so I guess this is just a manufacturing inconsistency. I swapped the mirrors over so that the one with the greater field of view is now on the right handlebar.

    The bar ends fit solidly and are an excellent compliment to the grips. I really like the feel of the new grips while riding, the indentations are quite comfortable for the ball of your thumb to rest in and I find that they are great to hang onto when braking or using the clutch lever as you can move your hand further forward without worrying that your thumb may slip (although this may not be a problem for people who don't have girly little hands like me).

    Overall I think these are a nice set of accessories for the bike. I'm happy with the look and the quality. PJ's Parts were good to deal with, they made sure everything was spot on before they billed me and used trackable postage so I could follow my parcel online.

  2. Dave, that's a nice report and I like the look of those mirrors. I wonder if you can tell if it is possible to place these mirrors in a below the bar position. I was also wondering if the handlebars are any wider than before.
    Oh and do you know about the Ducati Turismo that's starting in Albury Monday the 12th of November?

  3. These mirrors clamp around the bar rather than sitting in the end of the tube, slinging them under the bars wouldn't be a problem. The mirror can be rotated 180 degrees on the arm to point in or out.

    The bar ends have increased the width by a couple of centimetres each side, the mirrors are mostly on the bar with a little bit of overhang. The mirrors aren't actually gripping the bar ends at all so they are completely optional. That said, the Monster came with an ugly set of plastic plugs in the bar end so something had to be done.

    I read about the turismo a few weeks ago but unfortunately it's going to clash with some work commitments :cry: Such a pity to miss something like that when its happening on your doorstep, I'll be wandering 'round the muster on Sunday having a drool over all the Dukes though.
  4. I've been contemplating buying these for a while. Really appreciate your close up photo's.
    I'll prolly be milling around for a bit on the Sunday. Listen for the mad Scumbag laugh. I should be reasonably close.
    If you can skip work just to catch the beginning of the Turismo, it's awesome to hear 250 - 300 Ducatis take off at the same time. :grin:
  5. looks nice can i ask how much it cost you
  6. Here is the invoice from PJ's in US Dollars.
    Qty	Item ID	Description	                                        Unit Price	Amount
    2	BS070A	Rizoma Reverse Retro Mirrors, natural	95.00	190.00	
    1	GR205R	Rizoma Grips, Red	                        58.00	58.00	
    1	MA506R	Rizoma Bar Ends wt Sliders, Red  	45.00	45.00	
                                                                               Subtotal:	$293.00	
                                                                               Postage:	        $35.00	
                            Currency is in U.S. Dollars (USD)	   Total:	        $328.00	USD
    Total cost was $409 in Australian Dollars. The impetus to these accessories was my OEM right mirror being smashed when my wife knocked the bike into a wall; a replacement OEM mirror was around $190 from my Ducati dealer.

    I slung one of the mirrors under and took some detail pics.




    The mirror looks great slung. but you need to have it turned out from the bike to be usable, otherwise your hand obscures it almost completely. Having the mirrors pointed out increases your field of view but also increases your handlebar width by about 6cm each side.
  7. damn, that looks horn.
  8. Looks the business.
  9. That looks sooo nice, found these and now am addicted to upgrading the Cagiva


    Thanks for the heads up on Rizoma, pity they don't have a distributor in Aus
  10. Thanks for those slung pics. They look v cool. I was looking at some Benelli mirrors this evening, in a similar format and they looked v nice as well.
  11. hey man, those look mint
    i have been dwelling over gettin myself some new bit n such and i have stumbled accross pjaysparts before but i was just wondering how they were to deal with ??

    either way looks mint :D
  12. PJ's are great to deal with. When you place an order with them they confirm availability by email before billing and shipping. I actually changed my order twice and it was no problem at all, PJ's are quite responsive in replying to email and make sure you are happy with everything before finally sending you a bill. Shipping times were a little over a week, which is pretty good for low cost airmail.
  13. rizoma dealer in aus. not as expensive as the states.....
    Bike Craft in Mentone 03 95852100