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Rivet clothing company!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blu101, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hey! Can anyone tell me if the Rivet company still trades under this name or not. I am just in the process of buying all my riding equipment. Have seen these airbag jackets and the one on sale at the place i am getting my gear from is made by rivet, however i can't seem to find them anywhere on the web to have a good read about them.

    The subject of airbag jackets seems to have been covered a long time ago, is there anymore recent (past 12 months) testing etc that shows they are worth it or not. Did read one coment that they don't work at all. Any tips, info would be great! :grin:

  2. i am a firm beliver of "if it doesn't work the first time fcuk them off"

    bought a pair of rivet gloves from honda shop.. wore them once the leather straps stichting undone on BOTH sides took it back they asked if i wanted an exchange.. i told them how i felt in a nice manner..
  3. mmm....great first person to reply don't like them. You share my views when it comes to buying something/ anything. Did like any of their boots, gloves etc. I am more looking at the airbag jacket, but i do wonder why they have this jacket on sale for $400 less then their RRP.
  4. I don't think many people warmed to the airbag jacket idea. Everyone seemed to suggest a decent back protector was a better investment.

    I've had a Rivet jacket since the beginning. Leather, was on sale and has been ok. Later I bought their cordura overpants and they're Ok, but the knee protection could be located/secured better and the ankle could use elastic or something as they are a bit wide even with the expander zip closed.

    Their low end gloves were cheap and offered good feel for a beginner, however fraying stitching at the fingertips after a year of riding nearly every day (i've had two pairs). I'd shell out for better gloves nowadays and most likely proper leather pants even though they'd be less convenient.

  5. Bought a pair of rivett leather pants years ago, the leather stretched faster than I did.
  6. I have had a Rivet Mr2 Monsoon jacket for a year and wear it almost every day, no problem so far.
  7. thanks all for your advice. I decided to go with the airbag jacket, kind of figure that for the same price of the dririder that i was looking at why not have that little extra safety (i hope). if i am ever in the position to have used it will be sure to let all know how it turned out. Once again cheers!
  8. Also take into account that Rossi and Jorge are also wearing inflatable vests under their clobber and it came into effect a few weeks ago when rossi fell off then got back on the bike.
    I haven't read anywhere that the rivet air jacket failed.
  9. It was the original poster of this thread that had the off wearing the jacket....
  10. hahaha your right! now why would someone be doing that?
  11. Product testing :LOL:
  12. obviously the original poster posted this for advice, then went to buy the jacket, then had a fall, then posted about the fall (in this order)!
  13. These jackets are currently selling in sydney for $149....if a mod allows , i will post where abouts.
  14. I allow it,
    Put it in the business and service providers section.
  15. IMO they are a good idea, in principle (all brands). And seeing the idea now in use in racing confirms it for me.
    I suspect the real reason they haven't taken off is
    1) they WERE pretty expensive for an unproven concept, and
    2) they weren't exactly the most fashionable garment around for the style conscious.

    I reckon the retailers are just trying to offload them now, sadly.
    Racing will prove or disprove the concept, the other issues are up to the manufacturers.
  16. Thx smee, done....