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Riverside Expressway OnRamp (Gabba) Filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by licensed, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    There was a motorcycle cop parked on the kerb this morning handing out tickets to unsuspecting motorcyclists filtering past cars at the well known 3 to 1 lane merge onto the Riverside Expressway (past the Gabba) this morning.

    I was lucky because i was filtering but was scanning ahead and ducked back into line whilst the cop was writing out a ticket for another motorcyclist. Whilst I was crawling in the traffic a couple of motorcyclists filtered past and were caught.. :(
  2. We know its illegal in QLD, we know there is an element of increased danger to the rider, but ffs is it really worth enforcing?

    Who is the injured party in all this?

    Plenty of other things to be enforcing I think.
  3. It was in the paper the other day. They have been targeting 'black' spots, that area being one of them. Its motorbikes, mob phones, no seatbelts, and running reds. They have hit good numbers, so they are staying there for the next 'few months' the article said.

    I drive/ride the gabba stretch every day. I was late last week one day (about 8am was going through) dead set, its effing nuts at that time, I really can't blame them for targeting it. But as you say picking on bikes is a little silly. I could have walked to work faster, litterly. When rego costs on a bike is near on the same as the car, we should be able to get away with something. Its not like traffic is moving...

    They were targeting 4 other spots I think as well, pretty much every day of the week.
  4. We're in Germany...about 1938. Right?
  5. Yes thats the spot. The 3 to 1 merge. Which is actually 4 to 1 i suppose if you include the bus lane. The motorcycle cop was standing on that triangular area of concrete where the lanes merge.

    And in the previous weeks i've also seen undercover cops further back along Stanley Street East at various intersections going back towards the Australian National Hotel as well, so be careful through there in morning peak hour.
  6. Had a few blitzes on Waterworks rd in the last few weeks too - One day last week they even had 2 seperate stake-outs about 2 kms apart getting T2 violators, phone users, newspaper readers (yes I've seen them) and us poor innocent lane-splitters.

    I VERY nearly split past one of their spotters - he was sat in a shop doorway here with a small camcorder bolted to the wall.

    Luckilly for me the traffic in the T2 lane was clear until right in front of him and I noticed the camcorder just before I pulled my usual manouver of pulling between the lanes and splitting down to the lights.
  7. I wonder how the cop got there? :D Betcha he didnt crawl along with the traffic himself :p.