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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by live4themoment, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I know that as motocycle riders we take a risk in what we love to do riding motorcycles. But was just wondering if vunerablitlity is a risk that is also thrown in with the risk of crashing. I was doing some night practice when coming through the subarbs a car with P plates and 2 guys in it turned in front of me. They kept driving normally for a km or so then started to slow down in front of me and speed up then slow down etc.
    We both turned into the same street as by this time i was on my way home and kept following them. They pulled over which i didnt think anything of they might have got a mobile call or lost something in the car.
    But as soon as i got passed they pulled out right on my tail with high beams blaring which they had their low beams on before this. It then procedded to follow me for a few blocks till i turned late without indicating. Now i wouldnt have thought anything of it except the way i was riding up and around streets was not a path to anywhere and in normal circumstances u wouldn't go up and down these streets to get to one place. Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences that have made them feel vunerable while riding or at lights?

  2. Not really... I've had a few cars in front of me pull over to let me pass, then pull back onto the road after I've gone by.

    I'm thinking "Didn't think I was being that aggressive, but OK."

    I am only ever tail-gaited on the bike for as long as it takes me to notice them before I GTFO of there.
    Speed, corner, split & filter - whatever it takes, I do NOT hang around ****wits.

    In my 4WD; other motorists can do whatever they want... I'll win & I let them know this [never to bikes of course] :grin:
  3. I haven't felt vulnerable but have had something like that happen to me.

    I was riding down a quick back street in a industrial area one night and check my mirrors and there was these truck light quiet a distance behind me, they started flashing their high beams on and off at me and were really gassing it to catch up to me so i was like wtf does this dick want so i increased speed as the truck was coming up pretty fast behind me anyway so there was this hairpin corner coming up so i was like fcuk it they'll really drop back because of it so i continued on 20 meters after the corner checked my mirror and sure enough they were pushing it through the corner, once out of the corner you can really hear the truck really and i mean really gassing it to catch up, continued on for 2km with truck in tow, above the speed limits, through round abouts and boy he was trying hard to gain that gap i had kept between up, i pulled up at a red light and said well he wont run it so i went through the red light and continued cruising down the road, check my mirrors and there he was running the red light behind me, so thats when i decided enough was enough cracked my throttle open, went up on one and screaming off into the darkness.

    Hope thats readable, but yeah you get some real big dickheads out there on the road, don't let it get to you.
  4. I once pulled up at a red light outside the Gabba at about 10:30 at night when a 1-day game had just finished. There must have been 200 people walk across the crossing in front, and behind my bike.

    One guy, full of piss, grabbed my gear rack from behind and just shook my bike side to side, to the laughter about 10 of his mates walking in front. I just wanted to put the stand down and go and head butt the guy, but thought better of it.

    Must admit I felt a bit vulnerable then.
  5. I would have hopped off the bike.

    ... mind you, I'm a bit of a lanky bastard, so me getting off the bike would include kicking anyone directly behind it in the head by accident anyway :LOL:

    GF learnt that the hard way :shock: ... :rofl: I got forgiven, I think I bought dinner that night or something :p
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    I recall, back in the sixties, being forced off the Old Cleveland Road by an overtaking police vehicle heading right at me. This was at Belmont - before you climb the hill before the Primary School, and after the Creek Road intersection. I was riding a very low capacity machine.

    Old Cleveland Road was just dual carriageway before the Commonwealth Games in the Eighties.

    Imagine being fronted-on by a Copcar?
  7. Maybe your headlight beam is a bit high or something and they thought you were high beaming them and decided to give you some back.


    There was a conversation in the car that went something like...

    "Hey man lets follow someone or something and freak them out."

    "Har Har yeah dude what an awesome idea."
  8. I did

    I did think about maybe my headlights were to bright but I dont know if it is a built in flaw but the hyosung gt250r headlights seem very dull compared to most bikes. So i would go for option B that they were having the who can we try and freak out tonight.
  9. The problem I've got with that, MG - is these waste's of breathable air are probably too stupid to connect how they behaved towards you and what has happened to them afterwards, so they learn nothing.

    Far more satisfying to teach a 'cause & effect' lesson IMO.
  10. Had a similar experience one day when filling up to go for a ride. Went in to pay for the fuel, as I walked out some tosser in his 4WD was going off for me not moving my bike when I filled up. I told him I bet he doesn't move his car after filling up, but he didn't understand, and kept swearing his head. I let him know that he will need an ambulance if he doesn't shut up, so he went silent after that. But things like that really p*ss me off!
  11. [/quote]Had a similar experience one day when filling up to go for a ride. Went in to pay for the fuel, as I walked out some tosser in his 4WD was going off for me not moving my bike when I filled up. I told him I bet he doesn't move his car after filling up, but he didn't understand, and kept swearing his head. I let him know that he will need an ambulance if he doesn't shut up, so he went silent after that. But things like that really p*ss me off![/quote]

    I always get the feeling say if your at shops or something and you park in a normal car parking spot the person behind you who is looking for a space also gives u a dirty look. Fair enough on bikes we can park them in places where cars can't park but last time i did that i got a $180 fine (I Did the wrong thing so no problem with the fine). But i wonder why people that drive cars have different expectations for bike riders. We are just another motor vechile that has to obey and follow the same rules as a car but sometimes i feel like people just don't get that idea in their head. The bike is my only transport so i can't think as a car driver and i know that people on here who drive and ride would be different to people that just drive cars. I just wonder why those that only drive place expectations on riders.
  12. Totally agree with you, my bike is my only means of transport as well.
    My brother (he's a car only person) was in his car when this guy started going off, and he couldn't understand it either as he explained to the guy that a bike is just another vehicle like his. But the wanker just kept cursing, which is when I walked out and was quickly informed as to what's going on. It's like cagers think they have more right to the road than we do? :evil:
  13. Lots of places now have 'please pay before moving your vehicle' signs, which would have been handy to point to in that instance.

    But more and more I'm coming to realise that there's nothing you can do about people who are inherently dickheadss except avoid them... and they'll always be with us. Can't let 'em spoil your day.
  14. HEy all, i ride and drive but unfortunately there are just plain w@nkers on the road that don't get it from the riders point of view and probably never will. Thats why i take some of the other peoples advice of just forgetting about it and let the d1#kheads go on their way. I smile when i think of how karma will get them back!
  15. Not worth risking hanging around. Chuck a fast u turn up the footpath and leave.
  16. try to run

    tried that he chased me down got me at the lights and ran me down. luck would have it an off duty copa saw it all 5 grand dam to my 06 r1
    it all started over him pulling out in front of me (cutting me off) then as you would a few words where exchanged then the chase began
    been of work now 3 weeks bikes going im a bit bashed up.
    he's in deep shiiiit.///
  17. Re: try to run

    i think he was an x taxi driver bent on revenge or his turbin may have been to tight couldt see me ,we will never know.
  18. Hi my name is karma :twisted:

    Cars vs bikes....cars1:bikes0
    wanker car driver vs angry person at the lights.....different story
  19. I had a bunch of guys in a car harassing me one night on my way home from work (I lived in the city, then). They were really freaking me out and being dangerous, so I rode up on the footpath and went back the other way to get away. Another time I was chased down the Monash Fwy by some idiot who decided he didn't like getting passed by me. I ended up lane splitting at speed to get away as he was doing a pretty damn good job of getting through heavy traffic.

    Whatever option is going to work, I'll take to keep myself safe.
  20. Curious

    I was just curious if You are put in such a situation like the ones listed above say you took action and lane split or went on the gutter etc to avoid incident with the other car. Say a police officer came around the corner or was coming towards you and saw you doing things that in normal circumstances you may not do and are considered ilegal. would they listen to you about the other car or would they just go sure sure try and get out of it. Has anyone had it happen to them?