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risers on a Hayabusa

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by chilliman64, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I love my 'busa but unfortunately I'm a young man in an old man's body and as I'm a weekend rider only I find the forward riding position just a little uncomfortable, especially after rides of more than an hour.

    have any owners fitted handlebar risers etc to their bus? what brand? how much? etc etc

    I'm taking it down to Phillip Island and don't want to spend the first day hunched over knowing I'll be the same 4 days later after the ride home
  2. There are some kinds of handlebar rising that spring to mind:
    - Gen-mar spacers may or may not fit and are available by mail order from the USA
    - Heli-bars are replacement handlebars with a lift in them (Mick Hone Motorcycles, Box Hill, Melbourne)
    - straight tube bar conversions (www.ausstreetfighter.com.au)
  3. Get a pillion, and make them steer.

    Or you could be pillioned.

  4. thanks Hotcam I'll look into the spacers and I'll check out Mick Hone

    appreciate your suggestion too phizog but I don't think it'll work, is this something you've tried on the ZZR?
  5. Nah, I prefer to let the bike decide where to go :) (Its a wiley one)