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Rise of the Machines ! :o

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. what the heck is the ethical issue in two machines fighting each other? does a commodore have a guilty conscience because it runs up the back of a falcon??

    these science types have been reading each other's tea-leaves for too long and believe not just the theoretical but the impossible
  2. i'd like to see WOPR go against SkyNet !

    remember WOPR ???

  3. 5000 military robots in Iraq???

    Bah, they're only for finding terrorists/Sarah Connor.
  4. I remember WOPR micky....

    Global Thermonuclear Conflict anyone?

  5. Definitely a concern in the fuzzy-logic artificial intelligence environment, however I have the feeling any prototypes would be far too risky to send to a conflict zone. Remote-controlled robots are a fairly good idea, as shown in the TALON design,


    Has a 1000 m range, so can be deployed (from what I understand), ahead of an armoured convoy into a hostile area and be controlled from a mobile post (APC or hummer).

    As for the unmanned UAV (the giant model plane), it is not of true artificial intelligence. It is told the coordinates of the target prior to deployment, and would navigate using senor input via GPS/ground stations.

    However, safe to say, terminator will probably come into fruition about the same time I get that flying car I was promised would be delivered by 2000. (The Usborne Book of the Future, published 1979)
  6. So equip it a with a bottle opener, and it can not only crack a beer open for you but it can drive itself down to the bottle-shop and back?!?!?

    I love technology.
  7. Didn't you see that Maccas or HJ's ad a few years ago, the kid with the RC car. I'm thinking something like that, an RC tonka truck with a milk crate on the back.

    The talon is more for armed robberies....

  8. Greetings Professor Falken ..... :LOL: :LOL:
    Top Movie :wink:
  9. NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE!!! :LOL: :rofl:
  10. . . . PUT MAX IN SPAAACCEE !

    Jinx, from the movie Space Camp !

    oh, gotta love 80s movies.
  11. Yep, they're called basic infantry :p
  12. how funny is this thread@! i know all those movies!!
    got the first short circut on DVD too. love it.


    hahah. gold!
  13. If you program something to attack a specific target would that not be a concern? We have computers that can pick someone out of a crowd today, now combine that with an automated weapon and we now have an assasin!

    Send an armed machine into a crowd and command it to kill only people over 6' or with remote DNA sniffer only a certain race. these are not fantasies but developments that are under way today.

    AI is real and is going to become a concern, is it going to be like the terminator movies? Probably not but don't discount AI.

    Hornet they will never have a soul as described by religion but they will have intelligence. they may not be intelligent like a human but then again there are some pretty dumb people that cause a lot of problems already.
  14. Ha ha ha, yes it's the robots that are going to kill us! The biggest threat to humans are humans themselves!
  15. Warning Will Robinson, there is a large unidentified (Very Bad) NR thread heading right this way............
  16. No way... why would it............... It's a ford :grin:
  17. This story just illustrates that if there's laws in place preventing you from doing something, people will always find ways around it if they deem them unreasonable.