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Rip's new toy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rip, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. With it looking like world oil supplies will be finished before my streetfighter, and the faithful old VFR just not interesting me as it used to, I figured it was new bike time.

    The VFR went to a new home, and I set to ebaying. The result?


    A 95 GSXR1100, aftermarket exhaust but basically stock. Unusual for me in that its registered and roadworthy. May need to do something with the footpegs int he future, but for the moment no plans other than to ride it... a lot.
  2. Hey Rip,
    I have a similar toy I am about to put on the road. I have a 94 gsxr750. It's also purple and black but mine has orange graphics running through it. Very 90's.
    I also want to change my footpegs/rearsets but finding them suitable for this era bike is not easy. Do you know what year parts are interchangable for this era of bikes. The earliest i can find goodies for this age of bike is 96 but don't know if they will fit or can be adapted.
    Mine also has some aftermarket exhaust although i cannot see what brand it is.I will probably update that along with other bits and the 90's paintscheme is going as it is rough. Your paint looks in good condition, are you keeping it that way? It looks cool, you dont see that many old school gixxers that have not been turned into streetfighters.
    Keep us posted of any changes...
  3. Not sure about parts interchangeabilty myself, that'd be one for the GSXR forums. If all else fails, you can always head down to the local bike parking area with a ruler : ). I'm tossing up a pair of buell footpegs or some reaset lowering plates - see how I feel in a few weeks.

    The paint is in good nick (another first for me). Ugly, though. I don't know what it was is with early nineties bikes and eyewatering colour schemes.

    Not planning on too many changes, this one's a rider : )
  4. Yeah the 90's had a lot to answer for with paint schemes. I will have to do some measuring and maybe jump on the gixxers forum as you suggest. Enjoy your new ride.