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Ripped it up the road... nice big burnout

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jul 24, 2013.

  2. Order of Australia for the 61 year old I reckon
  3. Shane - a shining ambassador.
  4. and people are worried about boat people
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  5. So much for hooning laws

    Accidentally popping the wheel up at the lights gets you booked whereas terrorising your neighbours with your car gets nothing :p

    There's something wrong here.
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    This is going to be mega.

    So many great quotes!

    "That's fruit-loop"
  7. If only he had been accurate
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  8. My concern is this guy is breeding....
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  9. Government funding for target practice.
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  10. He did fire some warning shots at the house the week before, shouldn't have been too suprising :)
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  11. only one thing comes to mind.

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  12. Anybody hear banjos?
  13. I reckon Troy Dan is on his way
  14. Rofl did he really offer that pin prick on his toe as a wound from the shooting ?
  15. Fairly decent group, if you can call two a group, on a moving target at medium range, don't know if I could beat that but I'm offering to try.
  16. The reporter is pretty hot :D
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    If she was talking to me, I'd probably sound a little retarded myself haha

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  18. I think he will survive the Prickle in his foot medical condition , but then I am not a doctor.

    that was little more than a little , not a small little but a big little .
  19. Maybe the 61 year old wanted his Winnie Blues back.

  20. Hannah Dawkins - 8/10!