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Ripped Draggin Jeans replaced!! Thanks guys :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Helcat, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. I came off a few weeks back and managed to rip through the Kevlar of my Draggin jeans at both knees. I got in contact with Tim at Draggin to see if they could be repaired at all, and he said to send some photos and he'd see what he could do.

    Having seen the damage, he asked me to send them back to Draggin. I ended up leaving them with Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (where I bought them from) and the guys there organised getting them back to Draggin.

    They called me today to say that Draggin had sent me a brand new replacement pair of jeans plus some knee armour - very happy with that! So just wanted to say thanks heaps Draggin and MCA for sorting that out for me - I'll try not to ruin any more jeans (or knees!)

  2. Always nice to hear about companies that stand behind their product. :wink:
  3. And throwing in some knee armour to boot!
  4. thats awesome!

    i wish i could do that, but my damage wouldnt be enough for a new pair :D
  5. Unfortunately couldn't get a new set of knees - grazes have taken almost a month to heal properly... :(

    All good though. Coming off with relatively minor injuries has definitely taught me a lesson to be more careful and how vulnerable you are when you hit the ground!

    Sooooo keen to get back out on my bike again now though :)
  6. Good on draggin! I don't suppose you could post up the pics at all Helcat?? I'm just intrigued as to how they hold up as i've been riding around in them feeling pretty safe! Did you come down hard right onto to kevlar knees, or just slide onto it? I assume you didn't have knee pads in them at all? I've got the ones draggin supply which i would think are the same as the ones they sent you - with the velcro strips to attach to the kevlar. But I guess there really is no replacement for quality leather when you really have to test it. Enjoy the ride when you get back on the bike mate!
  7. Yeah they've given me the knee armour that fit inside the jeans with velcro - only problem as I found out last night is that they are not made to fit easily inside my black stretch ladies Draggins... Probably better inside the looser men's cuts.

    I'm really not sure how I fell but I'm guessing my knees hit hard before I slid about 10m with my bike. I wasn't going quick, but the jeans ripped right across the knees.

    I would post photos but I can't seem to work out how?? The "Add image to post" link below the test box isn't loading up...
  8. Here we go try this:

    took pics off - too big
  9. Oops sorry they're huge - I used Tinypic and you can't seem to reduce the size...
  10. Here ya go



  11. Cheers for that! (how'd you do that so i know for next time?)
  12. what did you do them exactly?

    What speed were you traveling at? and what did you hit?
  13. Bought some draggins a few months ago, realized the kevlar didn't come down low enough for my long legs.
    Asked them if I can get extra sewn in, they said sure do it free of charge
    Meantime I came off, minor rip in the jeans.
    Still sent them in, despite the rip they're still ok (was pretty small), please can I get the extra kevlar.
    Few days ago received a NEW pair with the extra kevlar.
    Excellent customer service, good quality product, that's why you'd buy Australian.
  14. As I was coming round a bend I hit a manhole which was sunk into the road and the bike jolted over it and slid out from under me - I came down and slid with it about 10m. I was only doing 40 or 50kms. The bike hit a concrete divider down the middle of the road. No serious damage just cosmetic, scratches and stuff. Think my knees must have just hit the road hard and that's what tore through the kevlar.
  15. heh Draggins, pffft they lost to souths


    :grin: :grin:
  16. go the bunnies!