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ripp tipp comic strip

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by D Stump, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    im such a biatch!
  2. Marked as spam.
  3. uh? spam may arse! i draw it myself and it's funny. click on the image to look at it, ya goose!
  4. Is it less evil if you run over a cat on a bike...?

    because I've done that.
  5. Love the way you deal with this shit! inspirational

    RIP :cry: still feeling for yr loss
  6. it would be my pleasure :grin: :p
  7. devotard
    oi, what happened? [dead cat?] must av been really awful for you. ive never done it myself but i saw a u tube of a m/bike hit a deer, and it was the saddest most disturbing footage ive ever seen.

    anything on a bike is less evil! you did it the environmentally friendly way :LOL:

    i guess you couldnt swerve, its gotta be a bit harder to hit an animal on a bike unless it popped straight out in front of you

    i went to a friends house last night and after soooo many 'god no!''s, someone said yes to my 'do you want to see a pic of her after she was hit, question.

    thanks tim^

    hey! joel!

    :butt: :spam:

    whatcha waiting for?
  8. riding up near hawks nest i hit a kookaburra or rather the kookaburra hit me as i rode past. broke my mirror off when it hit and flew away the bastard.
  9. this one's for you netterhead1


    i only know of yellow and red on your bike so you will have to fill in the colour of your jacket and hat

    cheers :cool:
  10. In the first cartoon is that a Woman driving or a guy with man boobs? :LOL:

    PS. I like your drawings Stump :grin:
  11. thanks pete! i'll do one for your AV if you like [u know, since the last one got swiped!]

    the answer to your question is, it's a chick with tits

    cheers :cool:
  12. HAhahahaha, thats awesome Dstump. absolutely love it. thanks
  13. im glad you love it and will do one for any occasion, anytime you like

    cheers :cool: