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N/A | National RIP Uncle Wazza

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Reports just in that Warren Willing, one of the finest motorcycle racers this country has ever seen, has succumbed to cancer and passed away this morning.
    Warren was a fearless rider, featuring in two of the three greatest single races ever seen in this country, at Bathurst in 1975 and the legendary Rothmans 750 Pro Series final at Oran Park in 1977, both times in a titanic duel with Gregg Hansford, and at Oran Park with the addition of Kiwi John Woodley.
    He was seriously injured in Ireland and never fully recovered the use of one leg, but he traded his technical brilliance for a place in the works Yamaha racing team, and for many years was the expertise behind a lot of their success.
    He was a lovely man, quietly-spoken and self-effacing, and he will be sadly missed. His death follows that of his old sparring partner Gregg Hansford in a car racing accident many years ago, and closes a golden chapter of Australian motorcycle racing..

  2. Such sadness at the loss of a legend.
  3. He did a few laps at the Barry in an open car this year to lots of applause.He didn't look well.
    Sad day
  4. God's speed.
  5. Sad news, RIP Wazza.

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  6. Wow thanks for that wonderful piece of film. I suspect that's the silky voice of John Smailes on commentary...
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  7. The voice over was John Laws, he did a lot of bike film voice overs back then, Naturally Free a vid of Trials Riding when Yamaha and Honda has Trials bikes.He was a bike nut back then.Never saw Warren race,saw Greg and he was fast,they were great rivals. Shame that Irish crash ended Warrens racing ,he had a huge future before that happened. He must have had a great life doing what he loved RIP
  8. Story that voice is never John Laws....
  9. Quote from comments on Utube under clip
    I cut this clip out of a dumb movie titled 'Naturally Free'. The producers obviously didn't know the importance of what they were doing. If you have any old VHS tapes of historical interest related to road ra cing, I'd love copies. My phone number is 03 5762 5697.
    Quote from another site
    Ive had this since a beta cassette if you have to ask your too young . great movie the only thing wrong is J Laws commentary . Iain
    Quote from another site

    Author transam
    Date/Time 25 Apr 2007 5:19:42pm
    Subject motorcycle documentary naturally free
    i am try to locate a copy of the above movie it was released in 1978 and was narrated by john law
    Add for movie poster for sale
    NATURALLY FREE One sheet Movie poster 1975 Ken Anderson Australian dirt bike racing documentary
    Sorry mate, had to do it. This movie was Australia's answer to On Any Sunday, burned into my childhood
  10. Can we start a thread just of classic bike races such as this. Put a year limit on it say anything pre 90s love these old racers. The speed they achieve with such little tech
  11. Well, not to blow my own trumpet, but my 'The way we were' thread has lots of old racing stuff in it too: that was its main purpose.
    And Zim, you are right, I was wrong, Old Golden Tonsils did indeed narrate "Naturally Free", but in my defence, I must say that his voice got a lot deeper as he got older!
  12. I remember him from TV mainly, that's Lawsy.And Smalsy from channel 9 speedway back in the day. Didn't listen to golden tonsils in later life. Cannot remember the bloke who did race commentary ,Will Hagon,just remembered on the ABC. Warrens funeral is on in Parramatta,details on facebook.Should be a huge turnout,he was the MAN back then
  13. I was and am a huge fan. Greg was riding for the' works' team and although Warren also had plenty of sponsor support, he was always the underdog. And I followed him because I was a Yamaha person anyway.
    My brother met him at a race meeting just recently and Warren signed his autograph on an 85 poster for me...
  14. Jean Michel Bayle -----JMB----- added 5 new photos.

    Today I am sad. Warren Willing passed away. Warren was my chief engineer during my first season in 500. He was an incredible engineer, he was also at the eve of the famous motorcycle of Kenny Robert, the KR3, that I have driven in 1997. But the technical side is not all. Warren was also a man, a true man, full of passion and knowledge. He helped me a lot during this 1996 season. It has given me the confidence to get my first pole position in 500. Warren loved sharing his knowledge and I was obviously completely full of attention to his advices. When I got this pole position, in Brno, I stopped 10 min of the end of the qualifying session to get a new tire. Mick Doohan had just improved his time, taking the provisional pole. I wanted to leave the garage immediately, but Warren asked me to wait, he wanted to check the datas of my fastest lap. Four minutes later, he came back to me to explain me which turns I was right, and in wich turns I could go faster to earn a few tenths. I did what he told me, I managed to reproduce my fastest lap applying his advices with method to earn those few tenths in the two curves that he had indicated. When I get past the line, I saw that I had improved my time by more than 4 tenth. At that time, I did not know if I had managed to beat the master Mick Doohan. It is by returning to the box, when all the team has me applauded that I understood that I had succeeded. Warren, always in the shadow, gave a simple glance. That day, and especially this time, is still in my memory. The glance of the sharing of knowledge. Thank you Warren for having done me take advantage of all these knowledge. Of knowledge which does not have a price and which nobody can't buy. A big thought and my sincere condolences to his family and to all his relatives.

    JMB. Jean Michel Bayle

    (Thank to Michel Turco for perfect english traduction.)
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  15. What a lovely tribute...