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RIP Svengalie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Snowman, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. For those of you who keep up with motorcycle vloggers on Youtube, Svengalie (Steve) passed away a few days ago.

    If your unfamiliar with his videos here's his channel:

    Very sad, I used to watch his videos back when I was on my L's :(
  2. This makes me sad, I enjoyed his videos. I was wondering why M13 was advertising Svens old tapes.

    I had no idea he was even depressed.
  3. Yeah he always seemed like such a happy guy, but in one of his videos he mentioned his wife ran off with his best friend which would be tough for anyone i guess.
  4. She supposedly then cut his access to his kids to nothing as well. Poor guy. I really enjoyed a few of those vids over the years too.
  5. ^ & ^^ That's so sad, and so common! Job or family, the two biggest reasons men suicide (alongside mental illness). A segment of the medical industry often suggest that suicides are always a consequence of a medical mental illness (such as 'depression' psychiatrically defined), but all too often its not - it's grief at the loss of something that gave life its meaning, combined with a blinkered despair. Perhaps that was the case with him, perhaps not. Either way it's a real shame.
  6. RIP,

  7. Never really watched much of his vids.

    Though that doesn't mean I'm not paying my respect.