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RIP, Steve Jobs.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Like Apple or not, the guy brought a lot of change to the world.

  2. just read this (and posted without noticing you had)

    very sad for the technology world, and for his family and loved ones
  3. Vale Steve Jobs.
  4. The Iphone 4S was THAT disappointing?
  5. I dunno, but I'm sure that my stock value tomorrow will be.
  6. So long, Steve, thanks for all the chips.
  7. It'll rock the company to its core.
  8. why? i thought he had already stepped down a while ago because he wasn't doing that well..
  9. I was punning.
  10. Not a fan of Apple (any more), but he got me interested in personal computers way back in the 80s. RIP

  11. He was still chairman of the board though.

    Still going to have a huge impact on the company and IT sector in general.

    Love him or hate him. His absence will be felt and noted.
  12. RIP, Steve.

    May you go to iHeaven via iCloud.
  13. "The world is immeasurably better because of Steve."

    That's right, you wouldn't be able to measure it.
  14. Rip.................
  15. dayum!

    I just purchased a laptop from his competition.

    my first real computer was a mac.

  16. The iQuit application he released a couple of months back has now been updated and renamed. Its now called iCoffin. hopefully apple will die the death it should have years ago.
  17. Indeed. no more quashing development of other companies due to apples self appointed rule over the smartphone/it industry.
  18. Not that I have any shares from Apple, but I do feel sad his death today....
  19. Steve Jobs is just like a Mac. Once a piece malfunctions, you have to change the whole thing.

    Obviously God is Mexican....after all, he did take our Jobs.

    Q. What is the difference between Apple and America.

    A. Apple has money.

    Q. What do Apple and America have in common?

    A. They are both Jobless.

    Looks like Steve Jobs beat everyone else in the race to cloud computing.
  20. Ironicly, i learnt of his demise via my ipad.
    RIP Steve