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RIP sr185

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Well, sadly the invetible happened tonight, my sr185 suffered a fatal blow to its 26 yo motor, cause of death: snapped valve stem :( my friend was riding it back home and I was following by, decided to have a bit of fun and see how fast she would go with our new home job straight through exhaust (don't ask :LOL: ) hit a mighty 70mph! we both backed off...than I heard its death rattle, a metallic rattling sound coming from the front of the motor, massive loss of power, we managed to limp her home, took the valve cover off to find the said snapped stem, I wont blame the old girl, I was quite hard on her, constant high rpm, thrashing about, ah, so many memories.

    The rest of the bike is still in good nick, so who knows...maybe one day..a new heart, but for now, ill miss riding it, had the most fun on the bike, got attention where ever I took it oddly enough, cheers old girl.

  2. Rip. No rebuild in the works? :p.
  3. and to think i saw her earlier today and gave you the thumbs up while i was driving!
  4. Was that you Cameron?? hahah I saw you and I was wondering who on sweet Earth is that!
  5. If it's just valve, Piston and bore damage then it will be pretty cheap to rebuild. A couple of hundred bucks max.

    Worthy little beasties and you cant complain too much about 26 years of faithful abuse.

    70mph would be valve bounce city wouldnt it?
  6. I was thinking of rebuilding, how ever, I did buy the bike for only $550 so I was thinking of just sourcing a doner motor and squeezing her in, but the 185s are a hard to come by sort, some fella on a yahoo group mentioned you can use the xt350 motor as they are based on the 250 block, might give it a whirl if I can get the measurements, sort of a frankenstien thing eh? suprisgly enough at 110 clicks, your only in 4th and still had a 5th! I reckon we could of winded her out to 130ish with a bit of help.
  7. 26 years? Give the remains a decent burial and move on! :LOL:

    I got a fairly new SR185 as a courtesy bike once, while my bike was in for a service. To be honest, I didn't enjoy the experience (to put it politely).
  8. Aah, RIP ol' girl.

    ....now time for a new one!
  9. LIES!! hahaha :LOL: there will never be another one like her, I loved her bizzare kwirks and flaws, non the less, I shall keep her remains, have her oily bits removed and placed on my living room, like some sort of urn/mourning, uhmm yeah.
  10. i remember you posting about picking her up, that was some time ago!

    RIP ol' bike :(