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N/A | National RIP Simon Andrews

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, May 20, 2014.

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    The motorcycling Gods can be so cruel and fickle. Another name added to a list of heroes to be remembered.

    Ride in peace, brother.

  2. How? Where? Under what circumstances?
  3. North West 200. He crashed in one of the races on the weekend, passed away a couple of hours ago.

    Such a tough guy, pulling through so many injuries and accidents and getting back on the bike. This time it was just too fast and the circumstances too horrific.

    First heard about him in the TT Legends documentary:

  4. Thanks, yes I just googled his name and read the report. The NW200 is a brutal event.....
  5. Irish Road Racing is so entertaining, at times though people can pay the ultimate toll. RIP Simon, thanks for the thrills and excitement.
  6. Such a shame. The accident was horrific!
  7. Heard about his accident Sunday night when i was checking the North West results.

    He had a horrific run of injuries, ripping bloke great personality heard a lot about him from the TT Legends TV series from a year or 2 ago.

    These guys know the dangers and unfortunately it is happening often without the run off areas it doesn't often end well.

    Very sad news, RIP Si Andrews.
  8. RIP Simon.

    Brutal crash. fcuk.
  9. RIP

    I watched the TT Legends series tonight - great guy.

    I also stupidly looked up the video of the crash - and really wish I hadn't - I think @blackadder@blackadder summed it up pretty well.
  10. Such a nice guy, horrible crash, RIP Simon