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RIP Shoya Tomizawa

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Khlarton, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. RIP Shoya Tomizawa

    GOD SPEED.. may you ride in peace! :(

  2. Farewell Shoya Tomizawa

    Moto2 rider Shoya Tomizawa has died after a horrible crash during today's race in Misano. I find this incredibly sad, will miss his riding, and will remember his win in the first ever moto2 race in Qatar. Too soon.

  3. Re: Farewell Shoya Tomizawa

  4. Re: Farewell Shoya Tomizawa

    was bad watching it
  5. So sad when this happens.
  6. after they said he had no life threatening injuries
  7. The price we pay. RIP. And so hard for Redding and de Angelis, too.
  8. I heard that too on the broadcast but I think it was referring to one of the other 2.
  9. sad day for the sport, especially after last week.
  10. saw it last night,was a horrific crash,as Sheppo said sad day for racing.
  11. what the commentators say is always constrained by what they are allowed to say; anyone who believed the 'no life-threatening injuries' comment is easily pleased :(
  12. Just saw this on the news this morning, very sad to hear of his passing.
    I didn't see this live and the information provided on the news described it as something that no one could of walked away from. After seeing the video, I can understand why.
  13. Only time you ever see motorcycle racing on the news is when they can show a tragedy.:censored:
  14. Saw the race last night and it was shocking to see. Full respect to Pedrosa, Rossi and Lorenzo for their composure and comments after the race. RIP.
  15. Way too soon. RIP.

  16. He passed away doing what he loved to do, pushing the limits on a motorcycle. a shame we didn't get to see him shine in what could have been a wonderful career in motorcycle racing. RIP.
  17. I watched the race last night but have only just heard of this young riders passing. Incredibly sad for everybody concerned. Rest in Peace Shoya and thank you for all you gave us.
  18. way to young.
  19. Rest In Peace

    Condolences to all that knew him