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RIP Paul Hester :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cowboy1600, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Paul Hester of Crowded House and Spilt Enz was found dead on Sunday in Elsternwick :(

    Theres speculation he committed suicide but its unconfirmed as yet.


    He was the drummer of one of the best bands to come out of Australia, Crowded House.
  2. police reports this am said , no suspisious circumstances.
  3. So sad!

    I worked with Paul in the mid 70's when he was playing with his first real band ("Edges" - Tracy Smith, Harvey Kaufmann, Tony Hargreaves, Steve Carter and of course Paul - doesn't even get mentioned in his bio!) At only 16 he was the youngest member of the band and although his timing then was perhaps a bit rough, he already had that fabulous feel. And such a lovely guy too! Of us all back then, Paul was ultimately the most successful musically - and deservedly so. I haven't spoken to him for some years now - and am cursing myself now for not having made more effort to do so.

    RIP Paul. You're missed!!
  4. Sad Sad Day...

    I saw it onm the news this morning... I was quite shocked I even told my housemate to be quiet so I coul\d listen to the report....

    He was one of my favorate aussie musical peronalities.....

    My best wishes and prayers go to his family and loved ones...

  5. :cry: :( :cry: :(

    16:49 report said he hung himself

  6. Heard that he was found hanging from a tree in the park.

  7. Yeah sad news. Thought go out to his family and friends

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. That would be code for no one else was responsible for the death other than the deceased.

    Police NEVER discuss sewer side publicly, just like you never hear about the 2 a week off the West Gate or lord knows how many who walk in front of trains or even the guy who took the swan dive off the building next door in the city about 5 months ago.
  9. Sad so sad. Is terrible that anyone gets to that point where suicide becomes a viable option. All too easy to get there though.

    Thoughts have to also go out to his girlfriend and daughters.
  10. Codolences and sympathy to all family and friends of Paul
  11. Condolences. Although he made the majority of his music before my time, I still feel his loss.
  12. "Before my time?" That'd be your bedtime, would it? Jeez, you young whippersnappers...

    Bad bad news. A guy who'll be sorely missed, and whose passing will touch many. Condolences to his family and friends, particularly his young children.

    Hard to make sense of it really. It's a shame that someone so talented and with many friends and admirers nevertheless was so ill and suffered so much that he took his own life.