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Rip Off Tour Company

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by allanmc, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. I have a friend from another website who got ripped off by this guy. It is not a one off. There are others from Ulysses that have also had bad experiences.
    This is one story.

    In 2011 we paid Mr Murray West of ttmotorcycletours.com a fee of almost $20,000 to ship our bikes from Fremantle (WA) to the Isle of Man to watch the IOM TT races. We did not know at that time that he was not registered to sell us airline tickets, ferry transfers or accommodation - all of which he supplied with a significant mark up as you can see by the figure we paid. He did have the authority to ship our two bikes however.

    His website advised us that each shipping container would hold 10 bikes and it listed 4 different countries from where the customers lived. In reality he took 5 bikes and all of us were from Western Australia. He hired another bike to a NSW couple.

    Mr West also promised us (which we paid for significantly) a "fully escorted tour." In reality this consisted of meeting at a certain point on the race track at 0600hrs to do laps of the track prior to a group breakfast. With there being no speed limit on approx 2/3rds of the track and with us both having cruisers we were at a distinct disadvantage. This, in itself, defies the term "fully escorted" as it was not a group ride but a race amongst participants putting as all at significant risk.

    Other promises not met included 4 star accommodation, transfers both ways from the airport, and even maps of the Island were never received. The comprehensive insurance he organised for us was in fact 3rd party and only if we hit a UK vehicle. To add insult to injury our bikes took in excess of 3 months to be returned to us instead of the usual 6 weeks. Some of this was because he had not completed the necessary paperwork.

    We lodged a civil case against Mr West in the magistrates court (WA) and won our case. He has never paid the judgement awarded to us and has deliberately evaded the sheriff who was ordered to seize and sell his property to cover same.

    We wish to advise anyone considering a tour of any nature, or motorbike transportation with Mr West or ttmotorcycletoiurs to consider the above.