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Rip off machine shop, what should i do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ampto, May 4, 2012.

  1. VW Case Dramas

    G'day NRs

    The story goes that i was given an aircooled VW engine, the idea was to make it into a performance spec engine for a dune buggy project. I dismantled the engine and rang around the local engine builders to get the engine case inspected and see if it needed oversized bearing for the main tunnels. The original quote was $70, if it needed to be cleaned as well that was extra.

    Now it gets interesting, they cleaned it by hot tanking it. It corroded the case so bad there was big visible pitting in the bearings journals and all over any shine machined surfaces, like gasket faces etc, as well as the whole case looking tired. They assured me that if the over size bearing sizes went big enough it was still easily reusable. So ok these guys are meant to be professionals so i went along with it.

    Next i get a phone call, mind you after hearing nothing for nearly 2 weeks, saying that they highly recommend NOT using this case after they "spoke" to some people and that all work done comes to $250 please come pick it up!!!

    I was rather short on the phone, i didn't say i was going to pay or not going to, just ok bye as i needed some time to think.

    The quotes i was given was over the phone and verbal so i have no way of proving that $70 was the cost of inspection.

    Before i go in and ask what the hells going on what is your opinion. I don't really want to pay them anything as they destroyed a perfectly good case but i would to pay the $70 i was first told if they are going to be reasonable.

  2. Pay the money, and live with it.

    A verbal quote is as good as writing on water with a stick.
  3. Paying money i don't have a problem with, its the fact that they wrecked a perfectly reusable case by negligence and expect me to pay nearly 4 times as much as. Quotes legally have to be pretty close to the final cost.

    If i pay the money i have a $250 paper weight.
  4. Then leave it there.

    You shoulda been clearer with your communication with them.
  5. Haha i wish, i went there and sorted it out, they were quite happy to reduce the inspection cost to $70, they apologized many times for failing to mention some extra costs. All up we settled on $150 which is much more reasonable.

    Lesson learned, don't trust verbal quotes get it on paper and make sure what they say they are going to do is included in the original quote.

  6. Hang on, you paid them $150 to ruin your engine? And you're happy? Do you need any work done on anything, because although I have no trade in anything useful I'm sure I could ruin anything you gave me for a fee.
  7. Apparently the damage wasn't due to there cleaning process it was the breakdown of magnesium in the case after many years of sitting and corroding. The cleaning removed the corroded mag and left pits everywhere, i guess he actually saved me a lot of money using a bad case but its unfortunate i had to pay the money to find that out. These cases are push 40 years old it had to find good ones :sigh:
  8. Since when?
    I agree that they should have called you, but the block may have looked ok to the naked eye but was full of pourosity.
  9. Ah, so you paid them to inspect it and it failed. They needed to clean it to inspect it (at an extra cost) and the cleaning exposed that it wasn't good.

    Move along people nothing to see here.
  10. Exactly

    Agreed thread over
  11. Given that you can get a brand new aluminium case out of the US for less than a fairly modest amount of machine work (last time I looked, which was 5-6 years ago now), farting around with 40 year old magnesium that's been subjected to chronic overheating and similar abuse is a bit pointless.

    TBH, the same goes for most original VW engine components now available in Oz.

    Mind you, a lot of the stuff available in the US (and here for that matter) is made in Mexico or Brazil, both of which have some "interesting" quality control practices, so buying new isn't a guarantee of getting useable parts.

    The difficulty in getting decent quality bits at sensible prices was the main reason why I lost interest in VWs a few years ago.
  12. Actually, hang on, you're building a dune buggy? If you find another engine can you pretty please with sugar on top start a thread about the build?
  13. I've seen those new cases, i was interested but seeing as i got this (now dud) case for free i was like what the hell. Problem is that shipping is a killer at about half the price of the case itself!

    Will do, mind you i have no idea what type of time frame this will have. It could be awhile.
  14. I'm right into VW's, running a 2276 in my Splitty at the moment, shoot me a PM and detail what you want , I know if a big bore stroker like mine going for 5k locally.
  15. I've got a complete 1600 under the bench you could have for free if you were over here. It's scrap of course, but then so has every VW engine I've seen in WA whether running or not.
  16. Yes, but at least you end up with something that will work and has a fighting chance of lasting a while. IMHO no original VW case in Australia is worth the effort of resurrecting it.
  17. A mate built something like a 2.7lt stroker all brand new parts from US. i think it was about 4k
  18. I'm running an AS41 case bout $650 plus it has about $500 worth of machining gone into it for the scat stroker kit, crappy old MAG cases are a waste of money as most are stuffed anyway,as mentioned eariler.
    Buying a turnkey engine is your best bet if you don't have anyone to machine or build a strong Type 1 . My engine owes about 12k and i had to assemble it myself ,but i wanted a strong/bulletproof combination that will last for years. Imo a 1600 will be underpowered for a buggy, get it up to 2 litreish so you can put down 100 hp .
  19. Yeah the plan is to have something in the 2.1L range, 78mm crank, 94mm pistons. I even played with the idea of a eaton m90 supercharger, but i'll get a motor built first. Good to see there is still a lot a interest in these old aircooled engines.

    EDIT, if a mod sees this can you please change the name of this thread? its kinda obsolete now, maybe to "VW engine case dramas"
  20. Mate, the Aircooled scene is very strong , Jump on DSK.com.au and say hi,The guys there know it all and have ...well....it all! good luck pal , i'm not on here much but DO get onto dsk , dakdakdakdakdakdakdakdak..