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RIP Neil Armstrong

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VX800, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Wow...
    Least we still got yeager.
  2. Yes, I remember watching the grainy B&W TV coverage in the lecture hall at Bible College when I was only 19; what we saw was both easy and impossible to believe.

    Rest In Peace another brave pioneer
  3. Thinking of Yeager, he always thought Armstrong was a bit of a git. Don't know if you've read his autobiography (do so, if you haven't), but he said that Armstrong was a great pilot, but would never listen to advice from anyone.

    Apparently they went out together in a dual seat plane. Armstrong wanted to do a touch and go landing on a dry lake bed, but Yeager had flown over it the week before and knew it had been raining there, and therefore the lake bed wasn't dry enough. Armstrong wouldn't hear of it.

    According to Yeager, "We touched, but we sure as hell didn't go." They were stuck there in the mud with engines screaming until Yeager told Armstrong, "Turn those sumbitches off Neil, they ain't doing no one any good."


  4. Really puts into perspective just how long it's been since the Apollo missions.

    Still amazes me that much of our scientific understanding of the Moon comes from an era when people still thought smoking and leaded petrol were good for you. About time we went back.
  5. With today's technology you would think it would be a lot easier to go to the moon?

    They put robots on Mars.
  6. unfortunately one can't make money by going to the Moon and it will be much more expensive to send man back there compared to a robot that can do everything to Mars.

    RIP Neil Armstrong.
  7. If anything I reckon it'd be much harder to do a manned mission to the Moon now. For starters, in order to get public support the crew would have to contain at least 1 woman, 1 black person, 1 Asian, 1 muslim, 1 jew, 1 gay/lesbian, 1 disabled person, 1 morbidly obese person, etc. etc. Then you'd have numerous committee meetings taking up millions of dollars over the next decade just to decide who gets the front seat.

    Things were a lot easier when you could just give a bunch of Nazis a big bag of cash and let them go for it.
  8. Heard about Armstrong this morning - was pretty shocked.....Especially considering it was due to "complications during heart surgery"

    The Man stepped foot on the Moon and he goes out in the OR......bloody huge shame.

    RIP Neil.
  9. Nah, he didn't die in the OR. He had cardiac surgery some time in the past month and died of complications resulting from the surgery.
  10. Very sad, it feels like the end of the era of manned space flight. I was in Primary school 300 of us gathered around one black and white TV. You had the feeling of History being made. Vale Neil.
  11. Ahhhh...... Didn't hear that bit.

    He was one of my all time Heroes.
    Very humble, well spoken and intelligent....... Obviously massive balls of Steel and a fantastic outlook.
    I've heard some of his public speeches regarding space frontier, engineering (he held a professorial) and human pursuits etc. Very interesting man.
  12. It's one small step for a man...

    There's a guy who has a massive item he got to check off the bucket list. An inspiration for generations, and a real loss to humanity.
  13. He was 82 so he didn't have a bad innings considering his profession.
    RIP Neil
  14. RIP.

    It still makes me wonder how many secrets he has died with.
  15. Did he really set foot on the moon?:bolt:

  16. [​IMG]
  17. dont make me go buzz aldrin on you....
  18. RIP Neil Armstrong.

    I read that the risk of failure in the Apollo flights was around 10% - that is, a ten percent chance they weren't coming back. This is an unacceptable level of risk in government today.
  19. Keep in mind though that the risk of an American President being assassinated is 9% (with a 46% chance that someone will attempt an assassination). So seems quite reasonable to me.