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RIP my mate CC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lionz, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. On Sunday we lost a remarkable individual riding home after the 10th Burt Munro Challenge on NZ's South Island:

    Victim of horror crash named

    Craig C: A father, a son, a husband, a brother and a great mate for over 20 years. I could tell you so many funny stories about this genuine, true Kiwi bloke, as I chuckle through tears remembering:

    Beer (always), getting the excavator off his low loader and digging a pit in his front garden for a hangi at his sister's wedding reception, backing the grey nomad's RV that we'd 'borrowed' for the weekend down the beach in the middle of nowhere to stick the boat in the water, fishing, crays, bikes, trucks, chaining the digger to the truck to go over a near sheer drop to sink foundation poles much to the architects delight, pubs, cards, hunting, bbq's and more beer.

    Craig leaves behind a beautiful Australian wife Nicola, and an adorable daughter Stevie, aged 7. Mrs Lionz has lost the larrikin next door she grew up with.

    Sometimes it's just not fair.

    Desperately missed already.

    RIP my friend.
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Lionz. RIP Craig.

  3. )=

    Sorry for your loss. RIP CC
  4. Sorry to hear about this so please accept my condolences.
  5. My condolences mate. It sounds like he was a top bloke and a great friend.
    RIP CC
  6. How very sad for Craig's family and for you both :(
    Big hugs to Mrs Lionz as well -it is almost like a part of your life goes with that person when you grew up so close with someone and they die tragically so young...
  8. RIP Craig. You sounded like a top bloke.
  9. This is absolutely tragic. Reading the bit about his 7 year old girl really got to me.

  10. Thank you All for your kind words and thoughts, it's very much appreciated.
  11. Condolences Lionz.
  12. Thanks Mac, much appreciated
  13. Condolences Lionz sounds like the world will be a little poorer for his loss.
  14. Please accept my deepest condolences mate. Life can be a cruel biatch sometimes. You have my number if you need anything.
  15. Very true Greggers, thank you, and thanks Womble.
  16. I would like to add my condolences Lionz, the loss of a good friend is a hard thing. In a similar situations what helped me was memories of the shared laughs, the times we were lucky rather than clever together, the shared confidences all leave a place in your heart that can never be lost.
  17. Agreed, thanks Chris.
  18. My condolences LionzLionz.
  19. Thanks JT
  20. I haven't lost a mate yet so I can only imagine how gutted you must feel.

    I know it's only words from a stranger but please accept my condolences.

    All the best