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RIP Les Paul

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. More here

    Interesting article if you don't know much about him. Amazing guy, RIP.

  2. Just read this on news.com.au too; another link with music's innovative past is broken :(.
  3. Very sad, still, at 94, he'd had plenty of time to make his mark. Another great of the music industry leaves us.
  4. I just heard, bit sad. Oh well, 94, he had a good innings!

    A smell a special edition guitar on the way. :grin:
  5. And everyone who owns a GENUINE Les Paul (as distinct from the 1000's of replicas out there) can rest assured that their instrument just went UP in value! :wink:
  6. RIP a legend
    EpiPhone is Gibson too and in the 70s Ibanez made better les pauls than Gibson :p
    Pricing on a LTD les paul? 6000 plus start the bidding
  7. Ahh, a sad day indeed.

    Rest assured, all those who play his instruments will sustain his image.

  8. I wonder if all the guiters are gently weeping!
  9. Will need to play some tunes tonight in respect.
  10. My EpiPhone shed some tears. LP had a full life, made his mark and I'll gladly strum some chords for him tonight. :)
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  13. The missus says that while he made some nifty guitars it was his multi-track recording method that was the major invention.
  14. id be happy with 94, not a bad innings
  15. Farewell Les. You will never be forgotten.
  16. i am not skilled enough, and too poor to afford one of his instruments.

    innovative man.