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RIP Kevin Ash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jan 24, 2013.

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  2. A damn shame. Was shocked to hear the news earlier.
  3. Very sad to hear. He was a talented writer and I enjoyed reading his work.
  4. A real kick in the guts - I'd been away a few days and was checking in at his site for the R1200GS test, only to see the bad news posted in the forum.
  5. I can't believe it - no......I don't want to believe it.

    AshonBikes was one of my all-time "confident" resources - such a great shame to loose such a great talent.

    RIP Kevin - thoughts for the family and his girls.
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  7. Thanks for posting this link. I particularly enjoyed this bit

    "What is your idea of perfect happiness? There are moments on bikes when you’re concentrating so intently on the moment, the rest of the world, life, worries, memories are all pushed out of your mind as you focus on the now. That can happen while hustling a sweet handling bike up a sinuous mountain road or a powerful, communicative superbike around a really great race track. There’s no such thing as perfect happiness, but on two wheels, these can get close."

    And this

    "What is your favourite journey? Crossing the Alps on any number of routes. If anything clarifies why bikes are so much better than cars, it’s this. You experience the journey through the fall in temperature, feeling the chill of the air, the closeness of the edge of the road on perilous corners. You’re always aware of the road surface, you get damp as you ride through the clouds, cold at the peak of the pass, maybe stopping to add warm clothing, then as you descend you feel the warmth returning, the increasing humidity, the smell of the vegetation changing from fresh pine to heavy scented pollen, insects start to hit your visor again. You’ve been involved in a journey and the environment you’re in, not merely observed a trip through a screen in a climate-controlled comfortable box to the smell of your petrol station sandwiches."

    To me, that is riding a motorcycle in a nut shell. Ride on bloke
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  8. Jumped on there this morning to check for updates (hopeful to read his review on the new Ducati line up) and caught the bad news.
  9. Wow, old news I guess, but his review of the Street Triple R was one of the main reasons I got so interested in purchasing one, so Triumph can chalk another purchase up to his name.