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Rip it up now music

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. There are pieces of music that are fast and fun yet you can still just be happy to cruse along with. There are pieces that are lay back but you still have that wind in the hair fast feeling to.

    And there are pieces that are so infectious that you will do Stupid stuff without even knowing what went down. The sort that just get your heart pumping and you can’t resist.

    So what is the piece of music that sets you up there in the rip up your license now category?

    Which piece can’t you resist but to be a moron when listening to?

    I’ll start with the first 2 minutes of Green Day - Panic Song.
  2. For me, its any hard dance...
    Especially "Zombie Nation" and "Cocaine"

    Ohhhh yesssss - i can feel it now!

    Maybe that why i lost my licence ? lol
  3. this is going to sound really lame but the chorus of Vast - Touched :shock:
  4. which mix of Cocain have you got? I have the one on Viper room, and it is F#@$ing boaring, the first time i heard teh track it just went off but this copy is guarbage.
  5. Off a fantastic album too!

    I've been hard pressed trying to find a more beautiful song than Flames... but have found a few that come close.

    ... ok, I'll own up Anna Boten -by- Basshunter just has the most infectious rhythm EVAR.
    I should probably be listing like Psycho Holiday -by- Pantera, or the Small Hours cover -by- Metallica. Pet -by- A Perfect Circle is also a rockin' song.
    But nothing makes me dance on the bike like that friggin' swedish techno Anna Boten song :p
  6. Take me away by 28 days :demon:
  7. boofhead! hahaha
  8. Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills.
  9. Gee... well a lot of The Prodigy is pretty bad for that. Man to pick one... I've got about 5 in my "driving fast" playlist. How about "Hyperspeed". The name and lyrics are pretty appropriate after all :)

    "On her Majesty's Secret Service" - Propellorheads is pretty good too. Especially once it cranks up. Very James Bond.

    quixotic - believe it or not "Touched" is the second song in my playlist. Great minds think alike :LOL:
  10. "Shine on you crazy diamond"....... Pink Floyd

    and for the metal fans "One" Metalica
  11. awesome track :D the prodigy's breathe is on mine!
  12. anything of pennywise or wolfmother.

    hrm, song title.. I suppose CKY - Escape From Hellview gets the blood pumping sometimes

    or Nickleback - Animals <- can't go wrong, can you?
  13. Paradigm Shift/Liquid Tension Experiment/Liquid Tension Experiment
    The Four Horsemen/Kill 'Em All/Metallica
  14. Haven't listened to Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer' on the bike, but off the bike it always invariably has me doing awkward white guy dance moves as soon as it comes on. It'd rule for stunting...
  15. Any good old 80's thrash metal. I ditched the mp3 while riding, do too much insane crap.
  16. Agree with Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Also Juno Reactor - Master of the Universe.
  17. This may sound kinda stupid, but superstar by saliva tends to do really bad things to my fuel economy. Thats the one that the supra drags the ferrari in in the fast and the furious :grin:

    guess i just love to try and relive the moment :grin: