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RIP Henry Surtees (son of John)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Henry Surtees, the 18 year old son of the great 2 & 4 wheel world champion John Surtees, was killed on Sunday at Brands Hatch while competing in a Formula Two race.

    Surtees was hit in the head by an errant wheel from another car which had struck a barrier.

    My thoughts are with not only his family & friends but also to the marshals & medics who responded quickly and efficiently to the incident.

  2. Damn, are the wheels required to be tethered in F2 as they are in F1?
  3. hate seeing footage like that, watching a bloke die, poor fella
  4. Very sad for John and his family. Having raced bikes and cars in the most dangerous of eras, it's a sad irony that his boy is killed when safety is at such a high premium :(.
  5. Fark!

    I've known a few people trackside who have had extremely near misses with flying car parts, especially wheels. I almost got collected by an RX-7 at Sandown that became airborne.

    Very sad to hear when the near miss becomes an eventuality.

  6. Very sad that such talent can be ended by simple bad luck :(

  7. saw it on the net this morning.

    how sad for all involved, young people dying is so hard

    Vic, I beleive they are tethered like the F1 cars. but it has not stopped them coming off, either. Didn't Kubric's tyre come off in the Melb.F1 GP.
  8. Very sad for all concerned.
  9. How frikkin unlucky can someone be? A fraction of a second either way and it would have been harmless.

    I had no idea that Surtees was a new father in his 50's.
  10. Me either. he must have had a root, I suppose.
  11. Not necessarily nowadays. I hear that women don't need us for that either :(
  12. That's true. The Turkey Baster has been invented.

    I reckon that JS is a sad man, though.
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    Kubica ;)

    How blessed were these photographers
    At the end of that collection of pics is one of a wheel with the kevlar tether torn to shreds. It was after all a 75g crash.

    Which you can watch here.

    Notice how well Liuzzi does to avoid a similar incident.
  14. as if anything would have held anything TO anything with that sort of impact :shock:

    It says volumes about the integrity of the cockpit area in the cars, doesn't it?
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    Craig Lowndes encountered an errant wheel at Bathurst a few years ago.


    Good thing the V8Supercars have a bar from the roll cage running across the windscreen :shock: