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RIP: Harry Hurt.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Pioneering motorcycle safety advocate, Harry Hurt, passed away last night after complications related to back surgery. Hurt, whose landmark study of motorcycle accidents in the late 1970's is still regarded as being relevant today, will be remembered for furthering the cause of motorcycle safety, not just in the USA, but worldwide.

    You can read more about him and his famous report here.

    Among his conclusions...

    "The Hurt Report summarized accident findings related to motorcycle crashes into a 55-point list. Among the points were the need for consistent use of motorcycle safety clothing to reduce injuries sustained in collisions; increased conspicuity and driver education to avoid collisions with left-turning motorists; and motorcycle safety training to increase riders' vehicle control skills, especially steering and braking."
  2. I remember Motorcyclist Magazine (US) publishing the Hurt Report in full when it was first released, and enduring a storm of protest from riders who were affronted by the good Doctor telling them what sensible people already knew; that only idiots ride without helmets ....
  3. Not many people I'll say this about, but rest in peace, amigo.
  4. I thought that name rang a bell! RIP, thanks for all the good work.