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RIP Gough Whitlam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VX800, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. RIP the greatest prime minister this country has ever seen.
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  2. Not speaking ill of the dead so might just leave it at that.
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  3. The man responsible for more change than any other PM in his short time in office, thwarted by skullduggery and inept ministers.
    Free education, Medibank which became medicare, and the end to our involvement in vietnam were his greatest achievements. Then there was all the other stuff with some of his ministers, and of course the infamous dismissal and sheer ****iness of the then Liberals and of course Joh's involvement.
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  4. You may not have agreed with his politics, and I don't, but I have to say that in my opinion he was the last true statesman this country had.

    I was a little young to remember his time as prime minister. I do remember my dad being rather angry about it.

    I recently watch a documentary about Gough and his raise and fall.

    For those who may not realise, Murdoch has been making and breaking governments for years.

    Some of his changes were truly revolutionary. As Smee said. Free education, later to be scraped by the next Labor government. Free health care, now slowly being dismantled by a Liberal government.
  5. tributes all from people who did not live in the chaos of this disorganised and clueless era of Australian government
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  6. I disagree hornet, the current government and those recently before it are far more dis organised and far more clueless than ever before. And even worse, they are highly corrupt. If we had someone like Gough now to lead a party, it would win by a landslide (As Gough did) over the clowns and bafoons we currenlty have in government.
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  7. As I said, you weren't there, I was.......
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  8. I was there and your opinion is clouded in your bias towards the fiberals.
    If it wasn't for reformist governments like Whitlam and Hawke, this country would be living in the stone age. I'm not counting Rudd/gillard in this they were truly rotten as is Rabbot.
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  9. A year ago the general assessment of the dysfunctional Gillard and Rudd governments was that they were the worst government since Whitlam's. Now we are expected to believe that Whitlam's was the greatest since Federation?

    History being re-written as the day progresses, led by the ALPBC.

    A strong personality, sure, but please hold the unadulterated praise from those who only know it through history books and political pamphlets. Those who recall no money to pay the armed forces, no money for the public service, the Khemlani affair, the initial steps in the destruction of the Australian manufacturing industry will have a more jaundiced view.

    Corruption? Plenty of it under that administration.
  10. Hornet, you're right, kind off. I was 9 when Gough was dismissed. It was the same year Darwin got flattened by Cyclone Tracey. I remember that, my brother was re-called from leave via telegram.

    I wasn't in England when 'The wicked witch" was devastating the North of England, but my relatives were and I know how hard their lives were.

    Likewise with the Whitlam years. I wasn't really old enough, but many of my relatives were and interestingly they were all Liberal and Country Party voters and they still thought, to do this day, that Gough was shafted by Fraser and the biggest mistake Gough made was moving too fast and trusting a lush.
  11. The blessing of the left is they provide us with a social conscience. The curse of the left is they destroy the means with which to answer the call of that social conscience.

    Gough and his government excelled in both those measures.
  12. A general assessment by whom? Please name credible sources otherwise recant that statement.
  13. You talk of no money to pay the Armed Forces etc, it wasn't Labor blocking the supply bills.

    And it wasn't the last time the ADF went short. Howard fcuked us over as well.

    Oh, and I'm not lying when I say that right up until the last elections I was a Liberal/National Party voter.
  14. Don't be silly. Do your own Google search.
  15. Robert Menzies laid the foundation upon which all have built since. Many since have spent their short time in Government systematically dismantling what others have built before them, and some have even tried to destroy the foundation....
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  16. So Hornet, where do you think Gough sits in that?
  17. But why did the supply bills have to be blocked?

    And whose government was responsible for the debacle?
  18. It needs to be remembered that 1974 saw a high level of financial instability and economic hardship worldwide. Australia does not exist in a vacuum.
  19. They were blocked to achieve a desired outcome. And that outcome was achieved.

    What Fraser and Kerr did was, while legal and constitutional, was that act of a coward with no honour.

    Remember, the constitution remains unchanged and a Governor General still has the power to remove a government.