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RIP Dr John Hind

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Peony, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. (Mods please move if this is in the wrong spot)

    Very sad news - Doctor John Hinds was a very fast rider, and also a skilled trauma doctor. He combined those two skills by working support for the road races in Ireland and the British Isles. Tragically, he was killed in an accident when his bike hit a wall while working the practice session Friday at one of the races, the Skerries 100. He will be greatly missed by the entire racing community in Ireland and the UK.

    "Flying Doctor" John Hinds Killed in Irish Road Race Accident | RideApart

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  2. So he was killed while being a travelling marshal? That's very sad....
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  3. yes very sad indeed
  4. Man, that's a real shame.

    I loved the pic of him all kitted up and his knee down, superb.

    RIP Dr John.
  5. Very sad, RIP

    What a great tribute video.
  6. How very, very sad.
  7. To quote John "It's a fantastic sport but also a very cruel sport."
    Vale good doctor...I am so full of admiration for this man and jealous of him combining his two loves, medicine and bikes.
    He approached everything with wry humour and a steady hand.
    It would have been a true honour to have worked with and learnt from him.
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  8. Thanks for posting that video, great to hear his thoughts.
    Amazing job these guys/gals do, they would have seen some pretty horrific accidents in their time.

    For anyone interested there is a change.org petition to push ahead with Dr Hinds campaign for an Air Ambulance in Northern Ireland.
    Petition · The Northern Ireland Assembly: Lets push ahead with Dr John Hinds campaign to get an Air Ambulance off the ground for Northern Ireland...As he no longer can..A Lasting Tribute for an Exceptional Man..RIP Doc Hinds · Change.org
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  9. Very, very sad. Great Irish humor, a passionate motorcyclist, and saved many riders lives.

    Dr John Hinds. What a grand man.

    mattxr, I have signed, and would urge others to do so as well. It may help.
    A Helivac helped save my sons life.

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  10. Wow a very talented, dedicated and caring doctor with a marvelous sense of humour and wit. Tremendous presentation. His passing is a very real loss to the motorcycle community and humanity in general.
  11. Thank you for posting this PeonyPeony the motorcycle community can ill afford to lose people of this calibre. I hope the air ambulance service would be a fitting tribute to the man, his passion and his work.

    RIP Dr Hinds
  12. RIP Dr Hind.

    Some pics from his Twitter page.


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