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RIP Dave Elliott

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kermie, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. What the?

    what happened?
  3. Absolutely, if you're going to post THAT, you must know the rest.......
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    what the hell, horrible news! What happened?!?
  5. R.I.P Dave :(

    I can't find out what happened but if it was bike related I'm sure we'd know about it.

    I've never actually met him, I've bought photos off him over email and waved to him on the side of the road.
  6. He took a mean photo too. I admired his dedication to get out there and take photos of everyone else enjoying themselves.

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  7. The family is not disclosing details publically yet.

    Funeral details tba.
  8. Shit! Haven't seen him out and about for a long time though.

    RIP David, prayers and thoughts to family and friends.
  9. Real shame, i was only checking some pics out of us on the Old Pac after a mate gave me the heads up this morning.
    RIP Mate ............. and thanks for the memories.
  10. RIP mate, you took some great shots and really did a service for all the riders who enjoy those roads up there. Such a shame.
  11. My much-loved father, David, tragically passed away on the weekend. We
    are devastated by his sudden passing and appreciate all the kind words
    and thoughts that so many of his friends have posted. The memorial
    service is at 11.30am on Friday 3rd of May in the Magnolia Chapel,
    Macquarie Park Cemetery on Delhi Rd, Nth Ryde. (It is not 11am as
    previously posted.) A private burial will follow. We'd like to
    apologise to any friends of the family that we have not personally
    notified. As you can appreciate this has been a difficult time for us.
    Thanks for your love and support.
    Sam Elliott and family.
  12. From sydneys riders:

    Meet at Olympic Blvd at Sydney Olympic Park from 9:00am (Cathy Freeman Park)

    Please park in the parking bays provided along Olympic Blvd on the Public toilet side 4 bikes to a bay. Meeting point will be Cathy Freeman Park.


    Sydney Olympic Park Authority have been advised

    Depart 10:30 am for Camellia chapel, Macquarie Park Cemetery on Delhi Rd, Nth Ryde

    The memorial service is at 11.30am
    After the service we will be heading to Mt White.