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Rioting in Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mik84, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. The boys and I are gonna head down sunday mornin for a bit of a swim and a game of cricket. Not to start any trouble but just to show some presence and to be around if it does all go to shit.

    So without getting into the right and wrong of it all i was just wondering if anyone else here was thinkin of headin down?

  2. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you are :wink:
  3. yeah sounds good ill bring my cricket bat :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but seriously i don't think much is going to happen apart form a nice day at the beach there has been a huge beat up in the media about it, i usually go to Wanda not north Cronulla but i will most probably go for a lookie :p
  4. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    Has there been trouble in Cronulla as of late ?
  5. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    Yeah a fair bit...


  6. its the only game i know that every one will bring there own bat
  7. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?



    i'm starting to not like the sydney morning herald very much.

    they seem to be pushing certain viewpoints and have their own agenda.....which includes stiring the pot.

    check out the photos from the above two links.....and read the reports.

    Both are about two different groups of people who essentially want to cause trouble, whether it be outsiders or locals. yet read the reports and look at the photos. To me one looks like barbaric terrorist look alikes invading the beach and causing trouble and the other looks like a patriot who wants to kick every middle eastern/european/asian back to where they came from.

    also this is not the only articles that the SMH seem biased on.....

    is it just me who thinks this?
  8. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    Yeah i dont pay any attention to what the media say. I was just tryin to grab somethin to show midnight.

    Ive seen what happens on that beach(and in other places) first hand and thats what ive formed my opinions on...
  9. also check out the captions and headlines -

    Beach 'morons' vigilante alert
    Police and youths confront each other after an altercation at North Cronulla beach.

    A lesson in beach etiquette and good manners - Shire-style
    White boys see red … Shaun Donohoe dislikes visitors, who, he says are rude
  10. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    No, but you're, so far, the only one taking issue with it, as if you're somehow disappointed to find anything other than unswerving objectivity in the news media...
  11. Re: Anyone headin down to cronulla sunday?

    Toy run is on. I'd rather go to that.
  12. BTW, after living in Coogee for a year, I found the locals much more annoying than any of the visitors, backpackers included.
  13. Umm ok good for you mate :?

    I dont really wanna get into a debate over this, i was just curious if anyone was goin down...
  14. Mik as incensed as most of us are about the way our streets and cultural places of 'worship' are being taken over, provoking confrontation to attempt to stop it is only going to play into the hands of the invaders, who are expert at playing the 'racial victim' card in the media.

    The time for honest citizens to act is in three week's time when the Premier and Sparkles think that the problem as gone away. Then here's how to play it; several dozen, or hundred, if it can be organised, concerned citizens descend on the beach with digital cameras, video cameras and notepads and supply the resulting evidence to the police......
  15. Ok looks like were gonna do this here :p

    So in the mean time you expect me to watch these people prey on women, the elderly and the weak?

    Trust me this is not about race to me. I dont care what natioanality someone is ill assess that person individually. Its not like id ignore it and say thats alright if the offender was an "aussie".

    I just think we atleast have to get there and show a strong physical precence. If enough of us turn up i believe nothing will happen. To me the danger lies in the event that we dont follow through and they have greater numbers.
  16. Youll need more than greater numbers to beat these blokes tomorrow dude.

    I know these guys and they'll be fighting dirty and with weapons so hope youre well prepared.

    If I was back in NSW Id certainly be riding down to the beach to Cronulla beach tomorrow with a Gearsack full of goodies.

  17. I've been away from Sydney for the last year so excuse me if it's descended into madness during my absence but isn't this just a little bit "West Side Story"? :roll:
  18. Has everyone in here gone mad?
  19. Sensitive issue.

    Sydney's starting to get very racially/religiously/culturally divided and mixed up.

    And people who claim it's "our's" just because their anglo-saxon and families been here for maybe 2 generations, really piss me off.

    About the only thing these days that gets me angry.
  20. Your heading down to cause trouble. That's all. There's going to be 60 cops on the beach tomorrow. Let them handle it.

    If you want to do something worth while, how about attending the toy run (which is tomorrow) and donating some toys/cash to help out needy families in Oz? Or, sorry giving a teddy bear to help someone out doesn't give you same "testostorone" rush that patrolling a beach looking for a fight will do.

    The point of me posting my address was not because I want a fight. Merely to show you that what I'm saying here is exactly what I'd say to your face.

    Turn a blind eye? On the train a couple of months ago, these two blokes were hassaling a muslim woman about the scarf she was wearing. I told them to behave (not in such nice words). I didn't go out looking for a fight.

    You just want a fight to boost your ego. Don't try and convince yourself that's it for a noble cause. It isn't. By heading down there to "protect the innocent", you're becoming exactly what your going down there to fight.