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Rio Olympics 2016

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chilliman64, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Seriously, who cares about the Olympics any more?? Corrupt officialdom, drugs, countries that can't feed their poor getting them, and self-absorbed men and women who contribute nothing to the net worth of humanity striving to beat each other in pursuits that do nothing to the net worth of humanity.....
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  2. When's mosquito season?
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  3. based on the cost to telecast and sponsorship involved I'd say there are a lot who are still very interested; and just as many disillusioned and disinterested also.
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  4. I tend to agree. it is human nature to compete and there is much pleasure in watching the best at anything ply their trade. But you're right the cheating particularly has taken the shine of it.
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  5. I'm with hornethornet the Olympics stopped being about sport in 1996 when coca cola bought them for Atlanta.

    The delegates were getting kickbacks before but once they realised just how much they could get they ballistic or should I say they went for gold.

    It has nothing to do with sport anymore just winning, and with all the professional sports in basketballers never understood why but now tennis golf boxing all open to pros a joke.

    4 + billion dollars spent in infrastructure, with the worst poverty and crime next door

    World cup soccer and the Olympics gold & Silver

    Rio fun

    And this is scary the real criminals
  6. yep, I'm not expecting all of it to be rosy. there have been some disasters, Moscow, Beijing now Rio looks to follow the same path.
  7. Its now a waste of money that countries cant afford.

    They need to use existing infrastructure and if they're not happy with that to bad
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  8. I agree.

    Why not go back to a place like Greece where millions was spent, the economy needs a kick start. More good will be done that way.

    Same as the stupid football FiFa world cup. They have to go bigger and better each year and the only people benefiting are those in power.
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  9. it will fantastic for the local economy!
    All that foreign money flowing in....

    being liberated by pick-pockets :p

    like lambs to the slaughter really...
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  10. Only the brothels will profit.....
  11. No, plenty will profit, but none of it will filter down to those who need it most, never does sadly.
  12. local crims have been in training since the games were announced :)
  13. The (not very) clean and (bag) snatch is a popular event.
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  14. I'd only watch it if motogp was an event. :sneaky:
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  15. I threatened to watch if they made Muay Thai an event ... can't see it happening though.
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  16. Hypnotic ....
  17. Here is what I think. I want all my hard earned tax dollars back. We are paying (in some part via AIS funding and federal sports funding) so these youngsters can go to this sports carnival. Use the tax money responsibly on health issues, infrastructure, homeless people, R & D (which Australia is actually very good at) not this bullshit. Who cares? Keep the masses entertained and distracted. A joke. Win a medal.....come back to me when you've found a cure for cancer or done something good that benefits the country. the olympics.
  18. Grinches, the lot of ya!
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