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Ringwood Genesis Gym

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Well I joined up at Genesis Ringwood Gym a while ago.

    I've been a bit slack lately in going, and pretty much need a gym buddy for regular training meets.

    Is anyone a member down there already, or looking to become one (but needed a kick up the bum to do so) and also looking for a gym buddy?

    I'm free any night (or morning) except Tuesdays.

    Catch y'all
  2. Hey,

    Not a member, though I hope you got a good deal on the membership. I had a telemarketing job for a short time that involved hassling people for the hundreds of dollars of "savings" that they could make by coming down to the gym for an interview. In fact I think Genesis was one of the gyms we called for.

    Even if they say they're taking $200 off the membership, there's another $200 to be taken off on top of that. Even if you didn't get it this time round, there's always next time I guess. Anyhow I salute you as one of the few people that can actually be bothered going to the gym...

  3. :LOL: Well thats the kicker... I didn't get called, I called them :LOL:

    I knew I wanted to get into shape and called them, but i dunno what a 'good deal' is at a gym, but its not a that pricey for what i think anyway..
  4. why the hell didn't you sign up at rowville (except for the obivous distance you would have to travel :p ) As i too am looking for new training partner...
  5. Well is there somewhere in between? EH? :p

    Cant believe out of all the east siders, there isn't anyone going to that gym, or wanting to go.... :) [/rant]