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Rim Stripes - best customer service ever

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by eve, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. usually my threads are about terrible service etc...
    So this is a nice surprise. :)

    Recently i purchased a CBR600RR (2007) and have decided to add some 'bling' to the bike.
    After some lengthy consideration - i decided since the bike was black and chrome, i'd add a bit of chrome purple to it.

    I.e. bolts, pin stripes, maybe a sticker, oil caps etc.

    I searched high and low for chrome wheel stripes... Most stores say the quaility is not good (the purple rubs off)

    I sent an email to The Rim Stripe Store (america) where a woman named Danielle replied straight back to me and said she would try to find something and get back to me.

    1 hour later she sends me an attachment image of a roll of the stuff asking if this was the colour (it was) and that it is made of vinyl which has a 7 year life span.

    After getting a very (VERY) good deal, i asked if i was pushing my friendship by asking for some purple stickers to match the rims...

    she looked into it for me and was happy to try and get a design created for me.. what a legend.

    I am absolutely stoked...

    So here it is ... the BEST service i've ever had.

    (are u looking for rim stripes???) :grin:
  2. Eve, do you have a link for this store?
  3. How much Eve with current exchange rate and to get them landed?
  4. I am paying $31 inclusive of landing.
    Mind you - the stuff i wanted wasnt the usual 'got it in stock' kinda thing
    She sent me this photo to make sure its what i wanted.


    I think she's currently in the process to get a licence from each manufacturer (honda suzuki etc) to create rims with their logos.
    She's doing it by the book :grin:
  5. This is a little concerning though....