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Rights after purchasing wrong helmet size?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jonnnnn, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm currently just starting to get into motorbikes, and looking at getting like a 'cafe racer', and went to get some gear, and went to Peter Stevens, what I thought would be the most helpful.

    Looking at getting a bell custom 500, and went in thinking I was a large, because that's what I used on my Ls course(different helmet and make, but I thought it would be a good start to try). The guy talked me into getting a Medium because the large was too loose(didn't have the neck strap up to be fair). But he said it will soften and expand a bit so I got the medium which was reasonably snug, and he said you would want it as tight as you can. I got home and tried it on again for like 5-10 minutes, and I started getting a headache, plus I couldn't put glasses on because it was so tight.

    So I want to know if anyone has had the same problem? And whether Peter Stevens will have no dramas just swapping it for a larger size? Because I haven't used it on the road(don't have a bike yet).
  2. If it's unused and you just bought I'm sure they'll simply swap it out (assuming you still have box etc).
  3. Thanks Chillibutton! Yeah hopefully is all good because never used it, and have everything that it came with it's annoying that they are all closed on Sunday's haha
  4. I'm sure they will happily swap it for one that fits. In fact they are obliged to.
  5. Where is the pressure? I wanted a Bell 500 but they were too round for my oval head. I had too much pressure on the forehead and rear with space above the ears. Next size up was loose. I went for the Shoei Platinum J. Nice firm grip all around, and I wear prescription safety sun glasses with ease. Never liked full face, a bit claustrophobic.
  6. The same size in a different make may fit perfectly. You cant fit a cone or box head in a round head helmet, well you can but it will be pretty uncomfortable. Go back explain the problem and try some other makes. See if you can find the same sales person and start out with " Hi, this helmet you recommended isn't a very good fit, can I try some others please".
  7. interesting comment, what information are you basing this opinion on?
  8. I would think they would be reluctant to accept it back in case it had been dropped.
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  9. I doubt it's been dropped.

    How do you know that nice shiny new helmet in the box hasn't been dropped before you bought it!
  10. You've got every right for a exchange within a 7 day time frame or so
  11. My experience is that stores won't take it back. I think they hide behind the "in case it has been dropped" reasoning but it, in a way due to a helmet being the only mandated safety equipment required to ride, is a weighty argument.
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  12. If there are no signs of damage, i.e. scratches you should be protected under general Consumer Fitness for Purpose Rules

    Businesses that sell goods guarantee that those goods:


    • are fit for any purpose that the consumer made known to the business before buying (either expressly or by implication), or the purpose for which the business said it would be fit for

    It should be Fit to Fit :) However what the salesman said is true, they will loosen up and should be firm when you first get them. Nevertheless headaches probably mean too tight. What podpod said though about shape of head and different brands is true. Try a few different brands to see if another brand suits you best.
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  13. As above, and take the damn glasses with you this time.
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  14. Not sure about helmet replacements... Shops are always iffy about it.

    I am in between M and L and bought a M recently (based on the sales guys recommendations). Took about a week to wear it in and make it comfy.

    Try wearing it around the house for a bit and see how you feel. Also Bell helmets and glasses don't like each other much, from what I've heard.

    Best of luck..
  15. They aren't obliged to change it if you choose the wrong size. Only you can say whether a helmet fits or not; the salesman can't make that decision for you.

    They're only obliged to change it if it's not fit for purpose (which doesn't include you choosing the wrong size).

    Some will, some won't.
  16. Except the Salesman advised him it was correct. Your word against theirs but by that advice they have taken the responsibility on themselves.
  17. I'd call in and speak to the salesman who served you and explain the situation, I would imagine they would change it if they are not going to be out of pocket.
    But I have seen warnings posted around helmets in stores advising they do not accept returns.
  18. Just be polite & ask. Worst they can say is 'No'.
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  19. On the other side of the coin it may still be the correct size. It can take a few wears before a helmet shapes itself to your head.

    Unfortunatly if it doesn't, then it will be beyond taking back by that time.

    It's the dilema of helmet buying.

    If you really feel that it's way too tight, so long as you have all the stickers and tags on it, then you have a pretty strong argument for taking it back. If you have removed the stickers and tags I think you'll find it hard to get your money back, because the shop will have to sell it at a discount.
  20. Yeah thanks for the help guys! In the end I called up peter stevens before going, they were really helpful and said it would be no dramas to swap over! Happy to get my helmet from them, especially to those who are getting their first helmet, as long as you don't ride with it they were happy to swap it no dramas! They even gave me free delivery to my house because they ended up not having stock in my correct size! Thumbs up to the peter stevens guys!
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