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Right up the arse...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by lowercase, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Last night, on my way home from work, my second close call in under a week, of almost putting it up someones arse.

    Just turned onto the Pacific Highway from Military Road and traffic was flowing smoothly and I was in the left hand lane. All of a sudden, I realise the car infront of me, albeit without brake lights on, is infact stopped.

    I had to do an emergency brake, and my rear wheel started going from beneath me, but correct emergency braking ensured it stayed upright, until I was metres from the car and still not stopped, I thought "f*uck I'm going to go straight up their arse, and there's a car beside me in the right lane, so I can't head across."

    Anyways, stopped less than half a metre from the car in front, who had stopped due to an idiotic wanker who can't reverse park.

    Car infront of me finally uses their brakes (it's a flat bit of road) and my heart is about 10 metres above me, asking if it's safe to come back down (it doesn't come back for another 5 minutes).

    So, basically, I've realised I've become extremely "autopilot" while commuting, as it's been so long since I've commuted or properly ridden at all, in fact.

    Going to be maintaining my distance (even though in this instance I was, which is what saved me) and more aware of those infront of me, rather than worrying about which lane I should be in or just getting home.

    It also goes to show that everyone should practice emergency braking regularly, as my regular emergency braking (once a month or so I'll practice it) is what saved my bike from sliding down the road and me ending up under (or stuck to the back of) a car.

    I'll be a lot more alert from now on and will never assume while in traffic nor shall I be only looking for brake lights, as a stopped vehicle won't necessarily have them on.

    Hope this idiotic incident of mine saves someone else.

  2. Had me a little worried by the title there Holly, glad to hear it was indeed a "miss"...
    I've noticed too, that on my afternoon commute it's really easy to become somewhat fixated on the car in front, rather than watching the entire width and further up the road.
    Food for thought, thanks for sharing...
  3. glad you're ok.

    Yes we all can become as you put it autopilot and that's when anyone can be caught off guard....
    An incident like this when no one gets hurt can do all of us some good in the long run...
    On a positive, you didn't hit the car in front so well done...
  4. Yeah I was pretty happy with how I handled it :)
  5. Had me a little bit worried when all I read was the first sentence
    My mind went to a very wrong place for a moment.
  6. Glad your ok.

    The other lesson from this is that if you're stopped (bike or car) make sure you tap your brakes to help those behind you see that you are stopped.
  7. Good miss, happy to hear you and the bike are both ok. Once again a good reminder to stay sharp and alert on two wheels. As bikers we need to not only be aware of what we are doing but also what EVERYONE else is doing around us.
  8. See HL, you can take that as you are a good rider (even if your finding your skill set slightly off at the mo)!
    but whats with this up the arse kinky talk?

    Talking about fixation while riding....Anyone see the new poster add of a topless chic in jeans?
    Me and her came close on a bus route!
  9. Good stuff. I went through a period where I found I was less attentive att he beginning and ends of my commutes. I had a few close calls and even an accident as a result.

    these days I remind myself when I catch myself being lax.
  10. Phew ! Glad to hear you're ok, Lowercase !

    On a more humorous side, I too, like the others was 'concerned' about your opening line.
    I have heard females are very intrigued and keen on "putting it up someones arse"...but then stopped and thought, 'Hmmm..this could be female to female'....

    You have my/our undivided attention but one thing I ask : If it is indeed the latter case...can I watch ??? :D

    Stay safe.
  11. I just had to read the title for my mind to go to the wrong place.

  12. It's better to give it up the arse than take it.
  13. This thread and my recent experience reminds me that I need to praccy me some e-braking. I haven't done any since my P-plate test a year ago.
  14. Well done holly and glad it ended well.
    A few more moving obstacles down there compared to 1770 ??? lol
  15. Well done on not hitting the car in front, it is a good reminder, everyone can become autopilot complacent so easilly and we all need to be on or guard against it.

    The most important thing is you have recognised it, and also had practiced the skills to keep you safe in a emergency, glad you are ok, well done Holly
  16. well done on missing. if you train yourself to look at the gaps between the cars rather than the back of the car, in an emergency you'll tend to go between them. can give you the extra metre or so you need.
  17. experience chef do tell
  18. got to get out of the habbit of eating your hamburger on the way home.
    just hang in there for 10 minutes till you get home, then it can be in your belly.
    you could practice this at home. place the hamburger in front of you and count to ten.
    gradually over time increase the count. once you can manage 10-15 minutes without shoving the hamburger down your throat, then you will be safe to ride home with one from the fish and chips shop
  19. You did Good! :)
    And yeah...it's easy to get complacent and allow skills we don't use all the time, (such as emergency braking), to slip away.
  20. Thanks guys - was a good wake up call, honestly.

    And the title was on purpose :p Thought you'd all enjoy it! And the suspense while the page loaded.

    Thanks Monkeyman I will next time remember to wait the 1 hour commute till I get home prior to eating my burger :D