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Right turn Arrows

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GavinB, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi gang,

    I have just been reading through the Ask Police archives and noticed something that seemed a little strange.

    It was about riding through red turning arrows that fail to be activated by a waiting bike.

    The advice was to stand the bike and press the pedestrian button.

    How can this work?
    If the right arrow is permanently in red unless a waiting vehicle is detected, pressing the pedestrian button surely isn't going to help you?

    The last turn I make (going home) is a at a set of lights just like this.
    I've given up and now travel further down the road and do u-turn at the appropriate break in the median strip.
  2. try it and see what happens

    (pressing the pedestrian button, not going through a red light)
  3. Funny you should bring this up. There are a set of lights near my house that dont actually have sensors on them. I have looked and looked and you cant see the sensors in the ground anywhere. Normally u can see the outline and, when I put my stand down on it, it activates. its becuase they are magnetic field,
    Anyway this set of lights for the turning does not have sensors and never activates. and pressing the button does not seem to work either.
  4. not all lights are sensor based, some run on a timed loop.

    Its important to do this as you can control the traffic flow at different times (i.e. peak one way and then the other later in the day)
  5. Granted.
    But in the instance of the lights near my home - they are purely sensor-driven.
  6. More than likely pushing the Pedestrian button will trigger a cycle of the traffic lights in that direction. Part of the cycle will be the turn arrow. I take your point however that the Pedestrian button may not trigger the full road cycle of lights.
  7. So is it illegal to leave a running bike by itself in the middle of a lane while you go press the button?
  8. I just pull the clutch in and hit the starter button. The magnetic waves from the starter motor trigger the induction loop in the ground. ;)
  9. I just run the red :oops:
  10. in nsw it is illegal to be more than 3metres from a vehicle with the key in it - doesn't matter if it is running or not. Just one of those PITA things you have to put up with if you live here.

    edit: I see vic has the same rule.
  11. +1
  12. +2! No way I'm leaving my bike standing in the middle of the road for some d*ckhead to not notice and run over!
  13. im not 100% on this but i seem to remember that in NSW if the light to turn is red but there is no-one going over a crossing that it guards you can go... if it just stays red you could also go onto the footpath and press the button. ride over the crossing and re enter form the other side. yes im the guy who rides down the grass in the middle of lane cove road for those of you who know it.
  14. The only trouble I have with right turn arrows is that they become very slippery when they are wet. That’s why I tend to avoid them when it is raining.
    :facepalm: :-w :)
  15. VIC had it first. We picked it up when the ARRRs were introduced. Don't ask me why. :roll:
  16. I have heard but can't verify that the magnet out of an old hi-fi speaker mounted low on the bike helps.
  17. The right turn from Flinders St into Queen St, had a problem for a while that even my XJ900S would not always trigger it. As I start early it can be quite a wait for a car. I found rolling back and moving a foot to the left or right normally got some action.
    Oh and I contacted City of Melbourne and they actually replaced the road sensors about 8 weeks later. No problem now.
  18. It would actually be impossible to do my job if I followed this rule. Tilt trays don't work without the engine (and PTO) running.
  19. Actually if I get the choice I would rather not be on it when that happens. :D