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Right Rider Video copyright or not?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Just rented the right rider VHS from the local library, top video made with the original stay upright motorcycle techniques team. Its from the mid 80's 85 to 87 I think and includes footage of advanced rider training on vf500's and an original gsxr750, has a z1 run a learner on a Yamaha srx250 off the road, then after training a stay upright he beats the z1 in a race. Funny video with the 80's hairstyles etc, maintenance on an old gsx250 and cornering and braking techniques as well as road craft, although you don’t see many kingswoods and xb falcons on the road anymore, the techniques are still relevant, anyway who’s seen it and does anybody know if I’m allowed to convert it to DVD and give it out to fellow riders or is that copyright?

  2. Unless something on the tape invites you to make copies and distribute the content, it is copyright.
    Intellectual property will always belong to the creator unless, they by some way give up the right.
    The real issue is whether you would be done for it or not?
    I suspect not seeing as it sounds fairly old but it's not mine. Up to you.
  3. Copyright is held by the creator and does not expire until 70 years after their death, thus in this case, copyright is current.

    So many not very bright people get excited by the fact their computer can burn a DVD and like to rip existing videos and DVD's and flog them on fleabay. It's illegal, it's prolific, hopefully someone doing this gets taken to the cleaners by a copyright holder, might curb the enthusiasm.

    You could ask permission of the author(s), it shouldn't be assumed they'd say no. OTOH, if they're still involved in MC safety, they might point out to you that far better videos and DVD's have been made since that one and you should probably buy one of those instead.
  4. you cant re create the 80's, classic stuff

    anyway just thought if it doesnt say copyright anywhere on the tape or cover it might be public domain, I wasnt thinking about selling it either, just to put it on dvd cause not many people I know still have VHS, and give it for free to a few people, or at least keep a copy for myself
  5. As (quite correctly) stated above, the work (video) is copywright. Copying it without the owners permission in any way is a breach, and grounds for legal action both civil and criminal.
    Copyright is an automatic right, and exists from the moment of creation. The work doesn't require any notifications (unlike for example a trademark).
  6. Do it anyway! :)
  7. Correct. However, as others have said there's no harm in contacting the copyright owner and asking for permission - they may be fine with you converting it to DVD format for your own personal use, however they may not be so fine with you distributing it to others.
  8. As far as im aware it is not illegal to make you own back up copy incase the original gets damaged etc. :wink:


    of course you need to purchase the original first could be wrong (have been most of my life)
  9. Swoit.. I've know a few people who'd like a copy of some Suade.. :p
  10. While there are some exceptions introduced to the copyright act since 1996, this is not one of them.
  11. As long as it's sound only... :p :p :LOL:
  12. Safer that way anyhow, less chance of Loz's arse being exposed.
  13. exactly :p
  14. hi ,i am after a copy of the right rider video, can u help,cheers
  15. Holy bump batman. [​IMG]
  16. your secret is safe with us.
  17. No, but you can look for something a little more recent.


    Ride On
    54:53 - 3 years ago
    A motorcycle training video produced by motorcyclists and distributed by the Australian Department of Planning and Infrastructure. The video focuses on Bike Control Skills, Mental Skills and Self Control Skills. It provies helpful advice for new riders while experienced riders will also discover something new from the video.

  18. dont be a PIRATE and, direct learners to the learner session near the BAY,
    rather then encourage them to DOWNLOAD UTORRENT.....
  19. You will go to jail for sure