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Right place, right time-and i touched it!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Knightrider, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Such an exciting ride home from coffee tonight!!

    As I was riding down Malvern Road I went past a BP service station and there, on the back of a tow truck, was Todd Kelly and Mark Skaife's #22 Holden! The car had been on display at Fed Square and now on it's way back to Dandenong (to Holden where the workshop and cars are housed).

    I knew what I had to do. I had to chuck a uey and go back. I hate uey's but did it anyway. Off the bike, phone out, snap snap snap. Took pics of the car. Damn lights at BP was very bright, but got my pics. Knew I should have taken the digital to coffee tonight :x

    I then asked the tow truck driver why it was being towed - due to being on display at Fed Square. I then touched the front quarter panel!! Oh, one of friends in Sydney is going to be sooooooo jealous!!

    Now, i don't follow Holdens or Fords, but I do follow Skaife. He's a Gosford boy originally and well, you gotta follow the home team!

    So now I can rest easy tonight and go to bed happy. a) cos i saw and touched the car, and b) cos my friend back home will be green as lettuce!

  2. No Martyh, you do not!!

    They have car #1 and car #22. Todd Kelly drives #22. So :p

    Let me rest happy tonight, you meanie!!
  3. well i would of let you touch MY bike at coffie and then

    a/ you would not have needed to hook one of them pesky uey's
    b/ Let you rest happy for more that 1 night! 8)
  4. Phanoongy,

    The comparison between your bike and the HRT Commodore - well, sorry, but there is no comparison.....

    I will touch your bike next time I see it....