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Right Oil CBR 250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sydryder27, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    This morning I went budget bikes in sydney and got some oil and oil filter.

    They told me that I should not use fully synthetic oil and that they never service cbr with fully synthetic oil.

    so I bought Motul 10w50 semi synthetic oil which was $59 and oil filter $17

    I have done my first oil, filter and spark plugs change and it was easier then I thought...... took me 3 hours.... and i saved $200.

    So who ever is thinking about doing their own service, just do it... not hard at all, just time consuming.

    I am sure that know what they are talking about but should I use fully synthetic oil next time and does it make much difference to riding?
  2. Use semi....full synthetic can cause clutch slippage/probs with them, though there are those that have used full synthetic without problems.
  3. I've used both semi and fully synthetic in my bike at various stages. The bike seems to like the semi better. There definitely was a bit of clutch slippage with fully synthetic, but not a lot.
  4. Thanks for the replay...

    What about the price of oil and oil filter.... does it seem fine
  5. oil filter in the ball park (I think I paid $12-15 for my baby blade).

    The price is in the ball park for motul as well. I used castrol as thats what I could get at the time at supercheap.

    Those prices aren't the cheapest but no one is having a lend of you.

    Like you I did the service myself....easy as. If you haven't had the bike for a while, you might not have experienced a hot aussie summer with it. Do the radiator fan mod so you can switch the fan on when you like, before the thermostat decides.....its really needed on hot days where your in slow traffic, at lights or what not for a few mins.
  6. I go to one of Canberra's best mechanics for Japanese bikes and he knows the 250RR pretty well. He recommended fully synthetic oil because it has high protective qualities for high reving motors. It will never suffer from heat and has long molecules which provide good qualities. He said the gearbox tends to chop them up.

    So he offered a couple of oils and I chose Motul 7100 4T 10w40 fully synthetic oil for motorcycles.

    Check out their site:

    Anyway, the oil has made a significant difference to the smoothness of the engine. Just excellent. Will always continue to use fully synthetic in high performance engines after they've worn in.

    I have no idea wtf those guys are talking about when they are not recommending full synthetic.

    Yeah, Castrol fully synthetic isn't a true synthetic, and I've also heard it's not a good oil for bikes. But, I found everyone approved of Motul 7100 4T (on 1000RR.net and other US sites).
  7. im more concerned about the viscosity, just how hot is sydney at this time of year? i wouldnt recommend going higher than 40, especially on an engine that turns an ungodly rpm. i mentioned this in another thread, others may disagree, but i think 50 is too thick at this time of year
  8. Gday there

    w40 is fine all year round.

    Motul semi synthetic is, well, very much overpriced, overrated. Motul syntetic however is far better. There is no way I would pay $59 for it, knowing what I now know. Athough once upon a time I did.

    Synthetic is fine to use in a bike, however some in poor condition may experience some negative effect.
  9. I only use Motul 5100 semi-syn. Find it very good so far
  10. full synthetic oil in a cbr250rr can cause clutch slippage problems.