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Right Oh you lot, reckon you know a bit about Oz?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. 21/25... those bloody wiggles.
  2. 19/25 but I am a pom.
  3. 18/25 but clicked 4 before I read all the answers -_-, so I guess I could have been 22 if I read everything.
  4. 13/25 but i'm a kiwi.
  5. 22/25 ... Legend :)
  6. 20/25...

    Try this one --> http://www.ukcitizenshiptest.co.uk/

    I took the AU one a couple of years ago and it was a doddle compared the the UK.

    In fact it was a bit easier that the OP.
  7. I got 17/25. And it says I'm 'True Blue' not bad for 10 pound import.
  8. 16/25 and about half I'd guessed. Even some I'd never heard of and I'm from here.
  9. 11/25. Would be sad if I didn't detest so much of Australian culture. Flame-suit On!
  10. Yeah but considering you are from Peterborough you did ok :)
  11. 16 not good.
  12. Some weird questions in there. Who the f*&K calls a $50 note a pineapple?
  13. 23/25, no bad for a Scotsman who needs an interpreter most of the time.

    How in hell am I supposed to know that swimming bloke's shoe size.
  14. Not me, I got that one wrong, never heard of it.
  15. JD, take another look at your own avatar and stop asking dumb questions. ;)
  16. It'd help if I knew what a $50 note actually looks like.
  17. 21/25.. but I'm 22 and do not watch cricket or sports.

    I have heard my little brother refer to $20 notes as "lobsters", so I figured that pineapple would work for a fifty
  18. I'm just trying to think of possible scenarios where the word "pineapple" could be substituted for 50 bucks without sounding weird - like "Hey, it's my shout - I just found a pineapple in my pants".